Burnham Park, Baguio City

Row row row your boat gently down the stream,”  The song that perfectly fits for Burnham park boat experience in their lake. Burnham Park is situated at the heart of the city and is very accessible. It’s a head turning tourist spot in Baguio City for it offers several amusement to the tourists such as the large boating lake and a huge paved cycling circuit. Kids will definitely enjoy visiting the children’s park section with considerable number of playground rides available for them. No admission fee is required to enter the park and food stalls are also available in the area.

For one boat ride experience it cost Php 150.00 for a thirty minute duration. I had a terrible headache during our trip, well thanks to the beauty of Burnham Park and with the desired effects of my pain reliever too. It helped me relax my mind and alleviate the pain.♥




If you can paddle the boat, then it’s much better. There will be an additional Php 50.00 if you will request someone to do it for you. It’s more romantic to be with your special someone alone than be with someone you don’t know, right? Meet my personal boat paddler, my husband. lol☺


As you can see, the wide footpaths of Burnham Park. It was drizzling when we visited here but my white shoes managed to survive because of the stoned path. Hooray!


Posing with one of the old huge trees around the city. I just so love this place. I love the weather and the cleanliness is well maintained. Kudos to the people in Baguio City for maintaining the beauty of nature.☺


Have  a happy travel everyone.♥


  1. What a beautiful park! The boat ride is an excellent idea for a fun date for a husband and wife.

    1. Thanks Margaret. Relaxing bonding moment indeed.

  2. Looks like such a beautiful place. Glad your heartache cleared up and you were able to experience such a amazing place.

    1. Thanks Deirdre. With the help of pain reliever everything went well.

  3. Wow, this brings back so much memories. I haven’t visited Baguio in ages. Next time we visit, will definitely take my husband and daughter there. 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting. That’s going to be so much fun traveling with your family. Happy travel soon.

  4. Sorry to read about your headache. But the boat ride looked so sweet!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Binds. ?

  5. My kids would LOVE those boats! What a fun adventure ?

    1. Yes, the boat experiencw was so fun. Your kids will surely love it.

    2. Thanks Christine .?

  6. What a beautiful city and such beautiful family photos! I am so glad you guys had a nice time.

    1. Thanks Innana. ?

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