Car booth

If we have what we call as Divisoria in Manila or Carbon in Cebu, we also got what we call as Carbooth in Hull. I’m so happy when I knew about it pretty mommas who also love shopping. Yey!

Carbooth is just a parking space where people selling different kinds of merchandise would meet during Wednesdays and Sundays to display their items. Some of the products were brand new and others were used items. It’s like they are doing a garage sale to clear up their houses with unused things. Decluttering project would best describe it.

I’ll let you see how the place would look like. I’m bringing you again to the other side of the world through my blog. You’re welcome. 😘

I got a companion with me to do some shopping here, meet Bea. The sun maybe shinning so bright on this photo but it is not as warm as the picture is trying to let you believe in. It so darn freezing still. When will I get used to this kind of weather?


Behind us is a food stall selling sausages and burgers. I am not into burgers that much but when I tasted their burger costing us for about two pounds, it was definitely one of the tastiest burgers I’ve tried in here.

That’s the name of the food stall.

Please excuse my not so obvious hunger giving you a picture of a burger showing you my bite marks. I totally forgot to take a photo before eating for my blog.


After satisfying my body glucose need let’s now start checking out the place. This is the first view we saw in Car booth. The gray van you see here is the one used by the owner to travel all his goods all the way here. Loads of cars are parked used by sellers to move their goods that’s why this place is called Car booth. Make sense right?


Apart from those cleaning detergents on the photo on top, lots of fresh fruits and veggies were on sale, too. Just bring a big shopping bag with you if you’ll visit here.


Their bananas were huge but for me nothing beats with our own local bananas in the Philippines. Way tastier than these. Though I love their grapes and blue berries here.IMG20190324111646.jpg

I didn’t bring a bath towel with me when I first came here even if I wanted to. My luggage was already screaming it was over the limit allowed. A friend of mine told me not to fret because I can buy affordable towels here and yes, he was right. I found bath towels larger than my size. It’s so big, enough to cover my entire soul when I’m using it after bathing. Lol


I got a pair of pillows for only five pounds. About P350 if we are going to convert it to our own money. Not that expensive and the quality is so good. I promise you got to love sleeping more than ever. (wink) I’ve read with one of the post of my favorite bloggers that we working tired people should spend money to our sleeping needs like investing in good quality beds or pillows because we spend around seven to eight hours in bed. It’s just right as well to treat our tired bodies with comfort after a long exhausting day, right?IMG20190324104049.jpg

Bed Sheets range from ten to fifteen pounds depending on the size of it. I haven’t changed my beddings provided by my accommodation just yet but I may once I can find the design of my choice. For now I’ll settle for a white motif bed.


Food are all over the place especially the chocolates and candies. Sweet lovers this is the best place to shop.IMG20190324104823.jpg





I now got another favorite place to waste my time walking around during my rest days. Hooray!IMG20190324124824.jpg

Books for the Kids.
Boots for the fashionistas

Alright, I got to sleep now pretty mommas. Until our next shopping blog day.



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