Caring Becomes Innate

I was about to fall into a light slumber last night, when suddenly I felt an irritating itching sensation in my throat. I kept on coughing to clear the mucus in my throat. I was tossing and turning in bed and was too lazy and sleepy to go downstairs to get a glass of water. A few moments, I heard footsteps going up the stairs and then the door opened. When I opened my eyes, I saw Mon holding a pitcher of water for me. Caring becomes innate between the two of us. A simple gesture done by Mon in getting a pitcher of water for me made me feel emotionally satisfied.

I also do reciprocate to Mon’s kindness. I know he has his own emotional need I needed to gratify. As his wife, I take charge of the orderliness at home. During my rest days, I make it a habit to do general cleaning of our house, starting from our bedroom, to the living room, then to our kitchen and finally to our toilet. I want him to go home feeling comfortable seeing the house clean. I do the inventory for our groceries, checking what’s needed for the week. He loves munching snacks in between meals, (always have biscuits or a variety of snacks for him). He loves eating while doing some programming tasks at home. I always check and arrange his closet for him to find his office clothes easily. After his long day at work, my first question for him  when he comes home is to check if how was his day in the office. It can make him feel how interested I am to know how things are going on in his professional life. These actions may be as simple as you may think but it can certainly create a difference.

We can express our love and concern to our partners by means of our own little ways. Whether it’s through our actions or expressing  it through verbal communications. It will definitely make them feel loved and valued. We should not stop doing these acts of kindness no matter how comfortable we may feel with our married life or how  preoccupied we may become because of  the demands at work. Practice caring for your spouse and make it your daily routine in your relationship. ☺



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