Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Two years ago, I’ve been looking forward to be present in all of my Akyn’s school activities. Wanted to do school supply shopping with him, excited to participate and watch him perform during school programs, pick him up from school, be his personal tutor and the list continues. Who would have thought an opportunity like this to pursue my profession would unexpectedly knock into my peaceful mommy life which changed everything I’ve already planned for. But I’m more than grateful for this sudden twist of fate of mine.

Last weekend was my Akyn’s first field trip activity. Another missed event to count mommas. Pitty me, I know. Their school organized a trip to one of Cebu’s most visited wild life attraction, Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. Please click the link here for more details.


My little munchkin had been looking forward for this event since last week. Got hesitant to let him go because of the rainy weather but everytime I mention to him over the phone about the possible cancellation I could see some rain drops starting to well up on his eyes. How can I afford to cut his happiness? Duh, stop being too overprotective Mich!

The trip pushed through and believe it or not mommies, he woke up as early as five in the morning when he usually rise from bed around six thirty. Tell me who’s not excited to go!

My boys were all set for the day.


Akyn never changed his love for posing in photos. A talent he got from me who’s a shutterbug. LOL


School itinerary to follow.


The easy to read child friendly site map


It’s a man made paradise, isn’t it?


Mama’s most favorite part was the flowering garden. It’s her source of simple joy seeing colorful flowers gracefully growing in harmony.




These two are inseparable.


Only light snacks were brought during the trip. Their lunch was already included on their admission fee. This is what we call as the recharging moment of Akyn. Refueling his lost energy. I’m eating. I don’t care about the photos.


Akyn: Welcome to the greens!



I am truly pleased for this kind of activity given to their students. Seeing these animals with the child’s naked eyes while letting them observe the natural behavior enhances their environmental awareness and can somehow build their connections to treat those lovely creatures with love.

What are you looking at kiddo?







Sweaty but happy.


Someday, I want Akyn to look back into this blog site reading my post about his life experience. I do hope I can hear from him saying,”Thank you Mommy for your effort to write my precious childhood.


I love you Akyn.




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