Christmas Eve 2020

When someone asks,” How’s your Christmas?” I’ve heard some responses saying, “Nothing special really. It just passed.” Others would say, “It’s quite lonely with no parties allowed!” Well, for us it’s entirely a different version we chose to be thankful for. It’s one of the best Christmas ever with my family celebrating with me in the UK. The way you view things will definitely change everything. Instead of us grumbling of the current situation, why can’t we count the enormous blessings we’ve got. Can we be thankful for being healthy and that’s the most important thing amidst the pandemic, isn’t it?

Too much negative vibes for 2020. Let’s not add more to it, shall we?

Anyway, how did we get ready for the birthday of Jesus?

Mon and I did the cooking while Akyn took care of the entertainment part to keep us motivated in preparing everything for our Noche Buena.

It was tiring doing all the chores without Mama, Papa and my sister or Eric to help us out, however, the feeling after accomplishing everything is so amazing. It felt like seriously we made it all by ourselves? Being independent is a skill we’re learning so much in here. Don’t you think so?

Bought some ready made Black Forest cake from Iceland shop. Need to learn how to bake in the future Mommas!

and the matured pudding from Tesco. It’s our first time having it for Noche Buena and we loved it.

Some add on treats for the night. The minced pie and chocolate bite sized goodie (forgot the name LOL).

Mulled wine is very popular and quite part of the tradition in the United Kingdom during Christmas. Tasted like a juice.

My Maja Blanca. Wetwew! I can sit all day and finish one tray with this one. Nothing beats our home style dessert.

Roasted Chicken thighs with few finger fried bits and bobs.

Our simple Noche Buena by yours truly.♥

Every special occasion we have, we normally take photos for my photo collection again. An avid reader of my blog surely knows my addiction to photo printing. LOL

This is the first of the many more Christmas to spend together. We wish nothing but happiness to everyone for the coming new calendar flip. Praying we could all find peace despite the challenges we’ve all been facing for a year now. May thy one’s faith serve as the pillar of courage to face 2021.

Merry Christmas from the three of us.♥


  1. I completely agree! While it was different this year it was not a bad different!

    1. Exactly my thoughts.

  2. It looks like you had a great holiday. The food spread looks pretty tasty too.

    1. Thank you. 😊

  3. We all should definitely enjoy the times we are having, even it’d it’s not what we normally do. The food looks yummy!

    1. Thank you=)

  4. Yes, it’s always great to count your blessings and look on the brighter side of things!

    1. Exactly!

  5. Completely agree! I liked the slow pace and the intimate time with my family. Holidays can be stressful! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday and great spread!

    1. Thank you.

  6. Sounds like an awesome Christmas week. I cannot agree more about the no more negative vibes. Only positivity moving forward.

    1. For the better 2021 ahead.=)

  7. Christmas this year made me want to start my own little family with my partner.

    1. awww Merry Christmas

  8. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas Eve. This year was different for sure, and it is nice to make the best of everything and spend quality time with family.

    1. Thank you. ❤️

  9. That food looks amazing, especially that black forest cake!

    1. Oh Yes, we loved it as well. ❤️

    2. Oh Yes, we loved it as well. ❤️

  10. sounds like a wonderful Christmas celebration! and that aged pudding looks so yum

    1. Oh yeah it does. Will surely add it again to our Christmas dinner this year.

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