Circus Zyair

“Mommie I have a surprise for you today!” My Akyn excitedly showed me his appreciation note given by his teacher last week. Little things like this means a big achievement for them and for us parents, too. It’s one of the best feeling ever as a Momma knowing my baby is also working hard to do good in school. I’m not the type of parent who would pressure him to compete with others. I’d rather support him to whichever passion he got than to tell him what to do. What about you? Which type of parent are you?

And because of my Akyn’s hardwork, he deserves a little treat from Mommie and Daddie. Had ordered our favorite local Chinese Takeaway in Springbank. We’re always grateful for a sumptuous meal everytime because amidst the pandemic, we can still afford to enjoy a delectable food in our table. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a good meal. So, if you’re still able to eat at least three times a day during this tough times, be thankful. You are indeed blessed.

The main highlight for our treat for Akyn is to watch a circus. For the very first time we booked to watch a live Circus here in the UK. We witnessed Circus Zyair last Sunday. It was absolutely entertaining. We all had fun from the start until the end of the show. We came there half an hour early than our scheduled time and got surprised with the very long queue outside although we only waited for a few minutes to get in to the venue.

We were still lucky to get a nice seat to perfectly watch every presentation.

Loads of kids attended because it was a Sunday. I should say this is one of the best family bonding to watch a happy show like this. For sure our little one will remember each of these kinds of trip. I’ve captured few of their shows. I’ve kept the rest as videos.

The venue was situated in the park. Akyn will never go home without trying out these outdoor gym for grown ups. He calls this as playground. “I want to play first in the playground please!”

It’s nice to get some breaktime after a routine work daily schedule. It helps me regain my drained energy. For today, I’m busy creating my DIY stuff for my new Coffee nook in our kitchen. I’ll blog about it once it’s done. These are my new essentials thrifted to get the farmhouse vibe coffee corner. Wish me luck pretty Mommas for my next project.

Nice morning everyone.


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