Happy Monday! Happy blogging to all pretty Mommas enjoying their quiet time whilst finishing their hot drinks during this cold morning. I'm feeling way better now compared to last week's ordeal. I'm finally back to the normal me who loves to express my chatty side through my writing. Today's blog is all about me sharing my experience here in the UK as an immigrant for three years now. Yikes! Three years was just like one snap of my finger, time was so fast.😂 Here's me enjoying my three year anniversary as an immigrant. I got employed as a registered nurse... Read More


I'm starting to feel a little bit better compared to yesterday when I had to stay in bed all day with my non stop fever and body ached all over. I got hit with Covid again for the second time around.😥I had my two vaccines plus my booster dose but the effect of the virus on my first day was still terrible. I'm glad my fever is off now just clogged nose and cough with mild headache. I felt like this second Covid that hit me is stronger than my last year's experience. I'm glad I had my vaccination. It... Read More

His First Solo Cantor Experience

While walking with my Akyn in going to school earlier in the middle of the breezing cold winter of three degrees this morning, he asked me randomly,"Did God make this cold weather Mommie?" I said yes and he further asked,"Why?" I need to answer his question or else he won't stop dropping the topic not until he will get the answer to it. "Because God wants us to experience what a cold weather feels like." "If we only have a nice weather all the time then we won't be able to appreciate how lovely the sun is without knowing how... Read More

Visa Approved

Finally my most dreaded day of having my tooth extraction was done yesterday although I'm still feeling sore with my gums and my soft diet regime continues for the next two days.😩 It's always a long wait here to get a slot to see the dentist due to the pandemic. Covid 19 had tremendously affected almost everything in our lives normality. We should be thankful we are still here amidst the cruelty of the virus. 🙏 As with my previous post, I did mention about an important appointment we had to attend when we went to Leeds. I tried to... Read More

Entry Way

I was so focused finishing my work related task in my last week shift when somebody randomly asked me,"Are you like this at home Michelle?" "Always in a rush and wants everything done, organized the way you wanted?" Quite surprised with the question which made me think as well if the way I behaved at work is exactly the same at home. Then I replied,"No because I am at home and I am more relaxed because it's my home!"I thought the conversation was done after my response but another follow up question was,"Are you married?" I gave a short response,"Yes!"... Read More

Circus Zyair

"Mommie I have a surprise for you today!" My Akyn excitedly showed me his appreciation note given by his teacher last week. Little things like this means a big achievement for them and for us parents, too. It's one of the best feeling ever as a Momma knowing my baby is also working hard to do good in school. I'm not the type of parent who would pressure him to compete with others. I'd rather support him to whichever passion he got than to tell him what to do. What about you? Which type of parent are you? And because... Read More


I am a believer that if we are into the habit of doing something nice to the people around us without asking or expecting anything in return, the universe will pave its way to return the blessings to us in ways we've never realized to receive it. Just like our free trip last Sunday to Whitby together with Kuya Marcelo's family. It was such a happy trip to visit a wonderful place to end the summer. Thank you Kuya and Ate Susan. Kuya Marcelo had generously catered the three of us to be included in their seven seater family car.... Read More

Madame Tussauds

There's nothing more comfy than sitting on a couch with unlimited cuddles from my five year old boy during a cloudy lazy Sunday. How lovely is that pretty Mommas? Hope you're all doing well, too. Today's post is our Madame Tussauds visit when we went to London at the beginning of this month. It's a bit late to post this just because I got too preoccupied of my never ending busy schedules but still I wanted to keep my blog updated whenever I have the time to do it. Traveling with my family is something we wanted to do more... Read More

Thrift Flip Home Decors

It's a sunny Saturday and I'm on a rest day. How nice is that? Once in a blue moon when I'm off on a weekend. Yay, celebrating those little moments of happiness pretty Mommas of enjoying life away from the hospital stress work-related. LOL. This is me taking a selfie while doing thrift shopping for home decorations. Yesterday was the last day of school before the spring break of my boy. They did a photoshoot taking with his Dad just before heading to school. I can really tell now Akyn is a 100% the same photo addict like me who... Read More


I thought that keeping mum would help you get away from conflict. Well I'm wrong. It's not true because if we do, people will start putting words into our mouth that we've never said, labeling actions we've never done, accusing thoughts we've never thought of at all. Cruel world where we are living. Whether we keep our distance from NEGATRONS or choose to negate with their opinions about us, there will always be something they will discuss against you in their own little circle of friends. In instances like this what would you normally do? For me, I'd rather find... Read More

Sleepless Warrior

We are now in the middle month of the year. How's everyone doing? If we are still breathing up to this point then we should be thankful for surviving. It's not yet the end of the battle though as there is no vaccine available yet against Covid 19. No time to be complacent, not the right time to ignore those precautions to keep everybody safe. Three days off Mommas but felt like it's too short for me to complete all the things I wanted to do at home. You know all the cleaning stuff I got to make as the... Read More

Home Safe Haven

It's my rest day finally after four straight nights. Wohoo I survived! Thank you Lord. What's the plan for today? Just get some groceries with either me or Mon going because of the imposed lockdown policy then going back home spending time with my family. That's it really for now, no shopping, no fun travel, nothing. It's like we are back to the life in the past wherein home is the perfect place to hang out. Something positive from the dilemma we are all facing. "But when will this pandemic crisis come to an end?" This is everybody's question about... Read More

A Little Twist

The world is enjoying the peaceful night to rest their tired body while the chatty me is up to write on something before my thoughts will get distracted. How was your Christmas celebration? I had a different kind of Christmas this year. I would say it's kind of something both joyful and a little sad with a mixture of an unexpected drama. A bit sad because it's my first Christmas to be away from my family. But at the same time, I'm happily enjoying the fruits of my labor to make my dream come into a reality in pursuing my... Read More

Nottingham First Travel Experience

In my nine months of stay here I've never tried travelling alone out from Hull simply because I felt terrified in going to new places without anyone else with me. What if I'll get lost and wouldn't find my way home? What if something bad will happen and nobody's there to help me? What if, what if, what if... Too many apprehensions of conquering my fear to explore the world out there. What exactly pushed me to try the feeling of a solo traveler? Decided to face my fright because of my desire to do something memorable for my first... Read More

My Lair

The featured photos used in this blog were probably the last shots I took in my old accomodation. Did I miss it? Partly yeah but my happiness of finally getting myself out from Saint Matthews outweighs whatever sentimental emotions I may have with my white room. Those unpleasant encounters with my old accomodation served as a good riddance for without it I won't be forced to find a flat to live by my own. Yes, you've read it right pretty Mommas. I am now settling well staying in my place I call as my personalized hideout. Just me with nobody... Read More

After A Year

Big drops of rain poured non stop this afternoon while walking around the city centre during my second rest day but I'm crazily loving every chilly wind hitting my cheeks. Gloomy weather excites me since I was a kid. God I miss this kind of coldness. I got my umbrella with me. Ever ready stroller as you may call it. Yay! Enjoying each step on a puddle of water then a little splash damping my shoes. Is that what happens when you got too many night shift duties for the month?LOL. Hey pretty Mommas July is about to end today,... Read More