Coachella Inspired Summer Company Party

One of the fringe benefits of being employed is experiencing lavish parties sponsored by the company where you are currently connected. I’ve just recently attended a social gathering funded by the firm. It was our summer party, a Coachella inspired party with a touch of bohemian design for the venue preparations. I was greatly impressed with the preparations arranged by the team assigned for the party setting. It was well thought and I love the colorful girly set-up too.



The company chose Montebello Hotel as our venue and for the food caterer. It’s known for its Spanish interior design. We had our Prenuptial shoot here but I was not greatly impressed with their customer service before. I hope they had improved their service especially their reception staff and the sales department. Anyway, upon arriving, this was how Montebello hotel looked like.


I was with one of my closest friends in college and my bridesmaid during my wedding, who happens to be my work mate too.

Our  DIY photo shoot using my mobile phone. I’m glad Cher loved the output of my phone’s camera. Sharing you some of the pictures.


There was this huge chair in the hotel lobby which caught my attention. I didn’t let the day pass, of course, without taking a pose with it. It looked like a chair for the Queen. Sit like a queen just for sake of the photo shoot.


The entrance lobby of the hotel. Notice the vintage designed chandelier hanged from the wooden dark brown ceiling. It gives you the feeling of an old Spanish-era ambiance.


The party won’t start without registering the guest’s names. The registration booth was creatively presented. They  gave us a colorful bracelets to match with our outfits. I chose the light blue bracelet and paired with the color of my dress.



A Hrse carriage in the hotel lawn also called as “Kalesa” in Filipino term. During the Spanish era, when the Philippines was still under the colonization of the Spaniards, kalesa was the mode of transportation of the elite people of the society. I am now talking about a little of our history.☺ We only need to have a horse to make this Horse Carriage work huh!


On the sidewalk going to the venue, you could see these colorful and vibrant Bougainvillea hanging around. It’s refreshing to see flowers around us, right?


Finally, showing you the place where I could finally eat my dinner. Montebello Hotel is known for serving tasty food but if you are looking for a superb customer service, I wouldn’t recommend them based on my experience before. Not sure though if there has been some improvements with their customer experience trainings. I hope so there is.♥


Before the party started, the engagement team provided free temporary tattoos and headdress for Boho-chic look.  Our golden hand tattoos. You only need water to let it stick to your skin.


The blue headdress was just totally stunning. It looked like this before wearing them and the next picture will show you how to wear them to give you the Boho-chic appearance.





I’ll show you some of the cute spots I liked. All seemed to be carefully organized by the Engagement team to complete the theme of the event.





The last part or shall I say my favorite part of the night was the food, the main reason why I went there haha. I was not able to take the photos of the buffet set-up, I guess I was too hungry and all I wanted was to make my tummy satisfied.


For the appetizers and the fruits.

Fruit Platter
Mango with fermented Krill

and now welcome to my appetite I mean to my plate.


Overall satisfaction  I could rate for the event from 1-10 with 10 as the highest and 1 as the lowest, would be a rating of 10. I perfectly enjoyed the party, the presentations during the program was hilariously entertaining, the venue was well planned and the food was delicious. Burp!

I am looking forward for more company funded parties in the coming months.


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