Daisy Our Beautiful Flower

A devastating news hit our family when one of my sister’s co-teacher turned into her closest friend and eventually became like a family member to us met a vehicular accident yesterday. We’ve been praying for her recovery, however, her sustained injuries were too serious making her body to finally give up.

It’s one of the most hurtful events I never and will never be ready to face. I’m scared to even discuss about death and imagining being left by the people I love. When I heard it from sister, I tried my best to control my lacrimal glands from getting activated. Making a scene in a public place is something I didn’t want to happen.

Today, a beautiful flower was picked from her chance to bloom and show her beauty. My sister treats her like a second Mom. She always carry the heart of a loving mother whenever she goes. Her vibrant smile is her natural make up making her entire personality glow with happiness.

Thank you Teacher Daisy for being part of our life. We pray you may find eternal peace with our Lord. You’ve touched so many lives including us. You were so generous to share your blessings and never hesitated to reach out to people you cared so much.

I just can’t believe it you were gone too soon. We were still in denial about the accident trying to hope this wasn’t real. You could have helped more students. You could have shared more happiness to others. You could have done so many things.

Death is inevitable. It may come to us in an unpredictable moments. While we still have the chance to let the people we consider special know how we love them, let’s express it in every way that we can. Say more I love you’ s. Share hugs and kisses often. Resolve the relationship conflicts right away. Make the most of it while we’re still breathing.

We Love you Ma’am Daisy. We will never forget you.=( Until we meet again.


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