Day With My Boys

Getting productive on a rest day is an accomplishment for a busy Momma like me. Woke up at seven to help my Akyn be ready for school, had a delicious breakfast made by my Mon as he usually does the cooking at home now. I’m just too tired to do it after shift. Bet most nurses can relate to the feeling of exhaustion after a long day duty. After the meal, did iron my uniform, laundry, netflix chill movie time for me then had another nap. Who wouldn’t want to recharge themselves before another hustle in the ward for the next day?

My half day was well spent already. Yay! We decided to spend the afternoon shopping in the town centre. You know shopping is my ultimate therapy to stress. It gives me the sense of freedom allowing me to choose with what I want and at the same time, it’s a moment to treat myself by giving in to all my wants for the moment. (Reasons!) Both of my boys know my weakness to shopping. When they see me browsing something in my phone, their usual reactions would be, “Are you shopping again online?” 🤣

So, before hitting the shopping centre I had to take a photo with my OOTD. Tried to have a solo photo. However, my Akyn insisted to be ALWAYS with me in my photo. Guess this is the new photoshoot for me, a mum and baby together shot. I love it more with him posing for a nice shot.

Our first stop was to visit Sports Direct. I like to buy a Nike cap for my everyday use and a new trainers for my Mon. One thing I love about him is the fact that he never asked me to buy anything new. I don’t know if it’s how most computer programmers do behave like he can use the same set of outfit, same style, same color everyday without complaining. It’s always me insisting him to shop for something new. It’s my treat for my humble man.

Our supportive little companion for the day.

He’s using it now for everyday use in walking with Akyn to school.

Went to Wilko and look what we’ve found.

Unlimited choices for loose blox in one tub only for four pounds. Just fill your tub with whatever colors you want. Another toy for Akyn. Look at that smile.😍

This is his first creative output. I’m a proud Momma.

Went to a couple of stores for more house supplies and of course my clothes shopping can’t be out of the picture then went home with a happy heart.

I don’t mind having a full work schedule as long as I will have an exciting day off with my family then I’m good.

Rainy weekend fellas.


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