Getting Sporty Activated

Getting back to my norm of writing a blog once a week is something I'm excited to do. Who wouldn't be glad living the beauty of serenity. A blessing to be thankful in our adulting life 101. I'm on a cloud nine while composing my post as of the moment after Mon had received a very pleasant news from his Manager. Hello 2022, you definitely started our year brighter. Please continue to be an inspiring year for us. 😘 On the other note, have you completed the list of your New Year's resolution already pretty Mommas? I haven't done mine... Read More

In Everything We Appreciate

After saying the grace before meals this breakfast we've brought the topic in our dining table about appreciating more what we have just like the sumptuous meal in front of us. Some may have skipped their meals because they have nothing. Others maybe suffering from cold and darkness whilst us warmly sitting in our comfy couch. You know simple things like that are often overlooked. I would admit that sometimes I forget to recognize the full worth of something not until the moment it's gone. We used to do everyday online call with my family back home but because of... Read More

Hi 2022

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you are all enjoying with the fresh start for this year. I usually begin my blog every new calendar flip with looking back how my 2021 went to wrap up all my learnings for the previous year rather than right away setting up my present goals. How do you kick off your first day out of 365 days? Well, everybody has their own ways of doing it. What matters most is how we face the whole spin of our 2022. Do you agree with it pretty Mommas. Let's start by looking pretty. (LOL)🤣... Read More

Be Bright

It's Monday which means a blogging day for this Momma on rest day with four degrees freezing weather outside. Going out still? No, thank you! I'd rather stay at home and enjoy my writing day. 😂 Little things like this of having the freedom to do what I like versus doing what I am needing to finish is one of the best moment for a busy bee mum. It's like a precious jewel we always want to savor every bit of it, don't you agree? Today, whilst scrolling down my Facebook memory lane, I've read an online post about getting... Read More

First Time?

"Hi, is this the gate for Year one?" I had to ask one of the parents whose son happened to be my Akyn's classmate. "First time, ey?" he responded with a smile. Obviously yes it was our first time to come with everything all new to us but we're more than excited to let Akyn start his new school. It was only yesterday as well when I managed to buy all his new set of uniforms ready to be worn this morning. Look at my little gentleman smiling all for Mommie's obsession of taking photos of my handsome baby. Why... Read More

Thrift Flip Home Decors

It's a sunny Saturday and I'm on a rest day. How nice is that? Once in a blue moon when I'm off on a weekend. Yay, celebrating those little moments of happiness pretty Mommas of enjoying life away from the hospital stress work-related. LOL. This is me taking a selfie while doing thrift shopping for home decorations. Yesterday was the last day of school before the spring break of my boy. They did a photoshoot taking with his Dad just before heading to school. I can really tell now Akyn is a 100% the same photo addict like me who... Read More

York Travel Part 1

It's the first day of our national lockdown here. How does it feel? Kind of the same situation during the first lockdown where non essential stores are close again like pubs, gyms and shopping centres. People are ask to stay at home more not unless going out for an important reason. Schools are still open though which would mean an everyday walk with my boy in going to school. We're being vigilant in updating ourselves with the recent announcements from the government because every now and then new laws tend to be implemented unexpectedly. I do hope everyone is coping... Read More

Day With My Boys

Getting productive on a rest day is an accomplishment for a busy Momma like me. Woke up at seven to help my Akyn be ready for school, had a delicious breakfast made by my Mon as he usually does the cooking at home now. I'm just too tired to do it after shift. Bet most nurses can relate to the feeling of exhaustion after a long day duty. After the meal, did iron my uniform, laundry, netflix chill movie time for me then had another nap. Who wouldn't want to recharge themselves before another hustle in the ward for the... Read More

The Funny Boots

Having loads of bloopers in life would mean getting plenty of happy thoughts to look back making our lives a bit full of joy. You know those days when we're fully out of our sanity and then we'll just say," Oh, no shucks I did it wrong again!" It's absolutely good to be cautious in every move we do, I  agree. But for me my take is, half-witted events don't necessarily equates to foolishness. We need some icebreakers sometimes, don't we? So, here's one of my imbecilic moment again. Last week, Michio my close friend asked me to attend the mass at twelve... Read More


A dream come true of traveling together finally happened last Sunday when we went to Leeds for the first time. Yay! Thank you Lord. That was our first destination here in England out from Hull where we are based. Super enjoyed the one day escape from our typical day. How much more when we will have few days travel itinerary in the future? That would definitely be a blast I supposed! After rendering a night shift from my second job, went straight to have a quick shower then breakfast and slept for an hour to recharge myself. It's like a... Read More

6th Year and Counting

One of my most awaited vacation leave for the year finally came. Plans of going anywhere far? Not really. Bound to stay at home for my almost a week of stay at home rest from my demanding job. Anything special? Absolutely yes! Yesterday marked our 6th wedding anniversary. Another milestone achieved for our marriage. Looking back, we were just a couple madly in love with our differences in many aspects who decided to agree to disagree and get our love be officially blessed by our Catholic religion. Through the years several storms we've managed to surpass though we both knew... Read More

Starting All Over Again

On the second day of my time off I did loads of task to do some clean up in our little flat. Well done to me! Now that my family is here I felt like my accommodation is too small for the three of us. Unlike before when it was only me who seldom stays home during rest days as I rather would go to either the gym or do some shopping, sometimes to my friend's house. Totally opposite from now because we spend more time at home together. My flat here is like a little condo type if we... Read More

Reality Bites

Good morning fellas! It's my fifth day for my rest day. Wow! First time ever to experience such a lengthy time off. Only a few overtime shifts are being offered now in the hospital which is quite new to me because usually loads of extra shifts are available. Anyway, I'm not complaining at all as it's quite scary to go on duty now with the pandemic still unresolved, isn't it? I've been working as an overseas nurse for a year and three months now. How was it to work away from our home? Loads of nice things to enjoy. However,... Read More

Make Me Busy

Mr. Sun is up for a couple of days now except for today with the weather looking a bit gloomy and cold. This is the perfect weather if we are staying at home for the whole day but not when we are going on a shift. I'll be on duty after three hours making me lazy to go out of bed especially if we've just came from a three days off. You know that feeling of getting used to the routine in staying at home with no work to worry. I LOVE IT. So what made you busy while in... Read More

Everything is Online

The days of having the freedom to go to shopping malls whenever you want to is currently suspended and so as my one source of relaxation is put to a halt. Noooo!(LOL) I love going to shop during my rest days. It recharges my exhausted self. Trying to justify my spending habit, ey? Because of the stay at home policy our shopping activity were switched to online browsing for non essential goods. Bet most of us can relate of being only allowed to do grocery shopping for our basic needs. It's something new for all of us. UK extended its... Read More


My straight six days of duty finally came to an end. How did I manage to survive getting knackered for that long? Dear me! If you love your job, an exhausting day can turn into something productive with lessons left for you to ponder. Bow! Excited to spend my time off duties because I now got the freedom to update my blog in writing something I've been itching about to voice out. Is it really that interesting to share? For me yeah it is especially to those who love to write in bed using their laptop. Please say hi to... Read More