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The days of having the freedom to go to shopping malls whenever you want to is currently suspended and so as my one source of relaxation is put to a halt. Noooo!(LOL) I love going to shop during my rest days. It recharges my exhausted self. Trying to justify my spending habit, ey? Because of the stay at home policy our shopping activity were switched to online browsing for non essential goods. Bet most of us can relate of being only allowed to do grocery shopping for our basic needs. It’s something new for all of us. UK extended its lockdown policy for three more weeks. (sigh) Let’s pray this delima would finally come to an end so we can all continue with our life like we used to.

How did you all manage the lockdown weeks at home? Hoping everyone is doing well. Ours is pretty much interesting especially if you have a four year old boy whose imagination to create simple stuff into something interesting is at his finest making me always excited to look forward for my time off.  

Rest days for us means replenishing grocery needs, cooking together and of course EATING until our tummy says no. Let us all get fat together. This is the best time to have an excuse on why we gained so much weight.(wink)

My rest day started with our favorite type of breakfast. This never failed to activate my salivary glands. Thank you to my Mama’s friends for the tablea. I can make loads of Champorado (chocolate porridge) whenever my boy would ask me to.



Our most awaited parcel also came. It’s our first time purchasing online from Sportsdirect (please click the link to view). A small delivery fee is charged for purchases less than £50.00. If I’ve only read their webpage first before hitting the buy button I could have the free delivery. Anyway, they sent us a freebie. Yey! One happy shopper here.


Left my trainers at home when I went for a vacation. Hate traveling back with shoelaces on where you need to untie it during security checks in the airport. So, I got a new pair of babies now. Ready to go back to the gym once everything is settled. Meet my babies. Got them from the kids’ section. My shoe size stopped growing and so as my height during my childhood. LOL. It cost cheaper as well compared to the prices for the ladies section. Perks of being petite.


He said he wanted to go back to running again after the lockdown. Mon used to do a full marathon of 45 kilometer run which I think is insanely difficult to accomplish. Can’t imagine how he could be so determined to finish the race. Anyway, glad he agreed to pose for a photo for my blog. A happy wife means a happy life. He better say yes for photos then. =) 

I’ll hit the shop button next payday or else I would be shopping non stop. (eyesrolled)


As another day passess after posting this blog means a new hope of getting to the days when we are all free to enjoy the world without fear. We will get there. The Lord is more powerful than any kind of pandemic.



Stay safe everyone.


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