First Catholic Mass

One of the first questions I asked when I arrived here was the location of any Catholic churches nearby. Thankfully, in our first week of stay with our hospital accommodation provided by our employer, the St Anthony and Our Lady of Mercy’s Catholic Church is situated next to our flat. How accessible is it to celebrate the holy mass!

There’s only one mass schedule during Sundays here in Hull unlike in the Philippines’ hourly mass from five in the morning to as late as seven in the evening. You can still catch to attend the mass if you missed your usual routine way back home.

This is how the church looks like.


And the inside part.


I’m amazed with how warm both the priest and the parishioners were when we first visited Saint Anthony and Lady Mercy’s Catholic Church before we moved to our new accommodation on that same day. They’ve recognized us immediately as new Filipino comers in the UK. The priest really approached us and welcomed us both by extending his arms to shake our hands with. He even introduced us at the end of the mass to inform the church goers about the two new Filipinas coming in the UK. Everybody was generous enough to show their smiles to us.

The lady beside me offered us to have some tea before going home so we can mingle with the others and get to know some people around. How would you feel to be treated like that? I’m totally speechless.

After we moved to our new accommodation, the nearest Catholic church in our place is the Saint Wilfrid.

Both churches use the same book of mass songs. I tried scanning the pages but I’m not familiar with the songs written.😊 It takes practice I guess for me to learn it.


Though I’m a thousand miles away from home, God never forsake me to feel deserted. In His own ways, He exactly knew how to make me feel home is everywhere with Him. He understands my anxiousness of working overseas for the first time. It’s not easy to work abroad especially if you are ALONE with no family with you, no relatives, just you. I am grateful for my newly found friends Pinoy nurses here. At least we have each other to hold on to in times when the loneliness seems unbearable.



1 Peter 5:7

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you



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