I Choose To Carry My Cross

Almost two weeks had past before I finally got the courage to write this piece of story regarding the cross I am carrying. It may not be as detailed as some of the information may needed to be withheld for some legal reasons. Can we start this post by asking on how am I? I don't know too how to answer this question. Coping I should say. I am not okay pretty Mommas. I am running out of steam seeking for justice. Yes, I am firing in anger to get what is mine. What exactly happened? To make the story... Read More

First Catholic Mass

One of the first questions I asked when I arrived here was the location of any Catholic churches nearby. Thankfully, in our first week of stay with our hospital accommodation provided by our employer, the St Anthony and Our Lady of Mercy's Catholic Church is situated next to our flat. How accessible is it to celebrate the holy mass! There's only one mass schedule during Sundays here in Hull unlike in the Philippines' hourly mass from five in the morning to as late as seven in the evening. You can still catch to attend the mass if you missed your... Read More

What Blue Feels Like

I felt a bit blue earlier today while doing nothing at home. Have you gone through such down moment too? Maybe because I'm far from my family. ALONE for the very first time in my life. I'm having an adjustment crisis. It's not an easy road indeed to be an overseas worker. My schedule was free this morning. Hooray! The negative side of being idle is you don't have anything to make you busy. It became an opportunity then for me to realize I have nobody in my family to spend my free time with. Awful, isn't it? Reality sinked... Read More

My Cry For Repentance

The rain was pouring so hard while the twilight fades to blackness. We were about to surrender our tired bodies to sleep when a line man from a local electric company called us to inform about some problems with our electric line. Our neighbor reported seeing visions of electrical discharge coming from our main line. Not expecting for such unfortunate event, we were told they would cut our line immediately for safety reasons. I understand the urgency of the situation as it may pose a real danger not just to us, but to the neighboring houses too. My concern was... Read More