First Place Piano Competition

“Mama, I still can’t believe I took the trophy back home to be the winner!” Neither us nor Akyn ever thought of getting the first place on his first try to experience a piano competition here in the UK. It’s not that we don’t believe on his capability. It’s more of the fact that he’s just six years old with no experience whatsoever on how it would feel to be on the stage with the audience watching him perform. I bet it was a hundred percent never-wracking for his little heart.

At the end of May this year, his coach, Mila already informed us that she will be registering Akyn to a piano competition in Hornsea as she could gauge Akyn was ready enough to join. After the said news, we’ve been making a follow up with him every after his piano session if he already got the piece he needed to play so we can practice it more. We were more nervous about it than our boy you see.(LOL) It was only three weeks before the competition when he started to play it. It added more to my worries that three weeks might be too short for him to get prepared. I’m a certified Momma worrier,don’t you think?What if he will forget his piece and would get embarrased in front of the crowd? What if he won’t play the piano again because of the experience? Too many nonsense what if‘s of this anxious Momma. All I want is for him to enjoy the event and make it a memorable one.😂😂 Glad the event went well. All through out the journey my boy was very calm totally opposite to me. We can’t really judge how amazing kids can adapt to stess way better than us adults.

Akyn did his best by practicing without being told at home. He definitely loves music because even if we don’t ask him to practice, every morning when he wakes up, he would go straight to our living room to find some new pieces to practice. I am nothing but a proud Momma for this boy.

This was yesterday’s photo as we give thanks to another blessing for our little boy’s starting journey with his love for music.

I was at work during this event. Bummer, I know. Thankfully, Mon kept on updating me on what’s going on whilst they were there. Akyn was the youngest among the participant in their category nine years and below that Mon and Miss Mila had to guide him on stage where to sit. They had to adjust the seat because it was way too high for him. The piano was quite big for him that he can’t be seen while playing on stage. Despite him being so little, he still did manage to gracefully show to the world that being young isn’t a hindrance to excel. He didn’t bring any music sheet for him to look at while performing as per Miss Mila, it adds to the points if you can play without having to browse on what notes to play.

Well done baby Akyn.

His very patient teacher Mila went with him to give support to his presentation.

He placed his little trophy in his piano area to remind him to keep on playing music.

Mama and Daddy will be your number one fans and supporters to your dreams Baba. Dream big little chap!

  1. Congratulations to Akyn for receiving first place in the piano competition! This is a significant accomplishment, and you all must be so proud! My husband is classically trained in piano and has taken lessons for 13 years. We will also have our daughter start piano lessons when she turns five!

    1. Thank you.❤️❤️❤️

  2. That’s wonderful! Both of my kids are into music, and it is such a wonderful thing for kids to do. What a pretty place for a recital!

    1. Thank you. ❤️🎵🎶

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