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It took me thirty minutes thinking on how to start this blog post. Am I still feeling groggy with my yesterday’s duty? Maybe! While preparing the intravenous fluid for my patient, he asked me how’s my day. Candidly replied,”I’m swamped.” To my surprise he gave me a statement I never expected from him,”Of course because you are a NURSE.” “You are expected to be busy all the time. Ended the conversation with a smile. I can’t find a better rebuttal speech to his on point assertion.

You got to have the heart to care for you to stay on this job. Caring for someone you aren’t related at all takes so much human dedication to do it over and over again. Can you imagine it? This is one of the reason why our rest days mean so much to us. It’s the only time to ease up our tired souls.

Rest day is something I am always looking forward to. I think every working class feels the same about it. LOL. If I am not out with my friends, I am making myself busy at home doing DIY crafts or perhaps blogging like what I’m doing now. In a few hours I’ll be back to the hospital again so let me squeeze in this post before turning on my work mode.

What’s the main meat for today? If you’ve read from my previous post, you’ll probably see my obsession to printing hard copies of photos and keeping them inside a photo album. Old fashioned me, I know. It’s how I keep memories of everything apart from writing. Every shot, every smile, all moments of unforgettable happiness means so much to me. A photograph is another form of making memories for ourselves. Would you agree?

A friend of mine introduced me to one of the online application called FREE PRINTS. It offers free 45 6×4 sized photos printed per month and will only require you for the shipping cost.


Ordered on the 5th of September and it amazingly arrived on the 7th. Their online app says delivery will still be the 13th, though. Happy it came early.


Got my photo album from Boyes.


My output. This requires more art still to make it more pleasing to look at.


Waiting for my next month’s free printing again for more of my UK life memorabilia. Take lots of photos while you’re young. The time of your youth is something that will never come back once it passes. Make the most of it. BE MERRY, then don’t forget to capture those smiles.



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