Happy Mother’s Day

Hey beautiful Mommas, let’s celebrate our special day today. I want to greet all amazing Mommies a Happy Mother’s Day to start my blog entry. We play an important role not just in our family but to the world. We add color and give life in everything we do for our loved ones. Our efforts deserve to be recognized. I will always be thankful and proud to be called a “Mother”.

Today, a special woman in my life also deserves a recognition for her unselfish love to me. I want to say a big THANK YOU to my Mama who has always been there for me in all through out every season in my life. Her love for us, her family, is immeasurable and we are lucky enough to have her as our Mama. Words may not be enough to let her know how much I love her. Allow me to at least create this blog entry to express my gratitude and to tell to the world how amazing she is.

She is my lady superhero in several ways and here some of her super powers.

  • She’s a full time housewife and does all the household chores for 365 days without being paid. When we were still studying, she would wake up early to make sure all our needs were prepared before going to school. She slept late too, for her to prepare the things needed for tomorrow. She never ask for anything in return for all her sacrifices to us.
  • She is not a doctor but she can miraculously make me feel better with her hugs and kisses when I am sick. I can feel comfort when she’s beside me.
  • She is not a teacher but she perfectly helped me understand my lessons when I was a kid. She inspired me to study well, pursue my dreams and be the best I could. I owe you my success Mama.
  • She’s my warrior. She defends me whenever I feel hurt. She helps me stand and regain my composure every time I stumble and feel unsettled. I draw my strength from her during my weakest.
  •  She is my role model and my personal coach towards being an effective and efficient mother to my own son. She patiently demonstrated to me her techniques on how to take care of my son the same way she took care of me. I still got so many things to learn from you Ma.



Mama, I pray to God, He may allow us to share more happy memories together. I love you from the deepest part of my hypothalamus and nothing can change that.








  1. beautiful cake… looks yummy… Happy Mother’s Day

    1. Thank you so much♥♥♥

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