Hilariously Embarrassing Moment

A close pretty babe of mine, I’m not going to mention her name as I promised to her, asked me if I could go with her last Saturday to go window shopping. She’s planning to purchase a new phone but couldn’t decide yet what model she wanted to buy for herself. I didn’t hesitate to go with her since my Saturday schedule was vacant and I love spending time with her too.

When we arrived to one of the Cellphone Shops in town, we were amazed with the number of customers who were also checking the latest mobile phone models. Maybe because it was a weekend where most working people were enjoying their rest days from work.

My close pretty babe (let’s just call her that way) was too excited to go inside the store and walked straight to the store without noticing the glass door. The next thing I heard was a loud bang followed by the laughter from the crowd. Oh my gosh! Did she just hit her head with the glass door?  That was hilariously embarrassing! My close pretty babe’s face turned red, not just only because she hit her face but also because of that awkward moment.  One of the instances when we wished the world would just open and swallow us whole.

We were both laughing hiding the embarrassment we felt. I engaged in a conversation with one of the sales clerk and pretending as if nothing has happened. After we asked for the specs of the phone, we decided to leave and check out the other stores nearby. We ended up buying nothing and just laughing about her clumsiness. We were walking home still giggling about the incident. My close pretty babe just consoled herself by saying,” They didn’t know us, that means they can’t talk about us.” Well, she got a point. We were still thankful for the good laugh that the experience had brought to us.

Have a funny weekends☺



  1. Oh how funny but your poor friend, how embarrassing lol!

    1. Hahaha she gave me a good laugh. Thanks for reading@rach_b

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