While  busy packing for my things, I had to break and do something to relieve my stress on what to include in my luggage. If you only had witnessed how many times I packed  then remove all the stuff to hit the target weight allowed and do it all over again, you’ll see how tiring it was. The twenty five kilograms weight for my luggage as directed initially to me which is the allowable weight I can have, seemed not enough for all the things I needed to bring. If you’re from a tropical country going to somewhere with a colder weather, it’s a must  to bring those thick jackets to warm you up.

As advised by my friends who were already deployed, it would be best for me to bring money instead and buy those additional things when I get there to avoid problems with excess baggage. I may need to follow their suggestions because it actually made sense though. Good thing, a new memo was passed to inform about the change of weight limit increasing it to thirty kilograms. Oh thanks God! I can bring my favorite Filipino food with me. Yey!☺

I’ll weigh my bag again tonight to check if I’ve already managed to get it right.☺

In the meantime, while waiting for my scheduled flight, I made use of my spare time organizing my collection of Akyn’s photos and my addiction to stationery products. Apart from printing our photos, it has always been one of my source of relaxation when I’m writing using those colorful papers. I love to write be it a simple reminder for the day or a planner for my entire year. That’s the reason why I started this blog site (to save paper lol) because I felt a bit organized when I can see my life written. It’s not true to everyone but for me, at least I can create my world of being on track. OC-ness at its finest mommas!☺

I’ll let you peek my Akyn’s third birthday shots. Tadaan

Solo shots for the Birthday Boy♥
My Little Gentleman
Sweet Treats and Party loot bags

I’m happy to see those photos printed. Soft copies are nice but having them printed is better  because you can touch them, flip the pages while reminiscing the beautiful memory. By the way, here are some of my new stationery collections. Yikes! This is heaven  for me looking at them.


Look at those tiny fingers captured. It’s pretty obvious I always got my toddler with me during pictorial for my blog, ey?



My planner for 2019 is all set. How about you? Have you done yours? It’s not yet too late to start one for this year.(wink)


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