Honeymoon –Ocean Park Hong Kong

My first flying experience was memorable, not just because of the excitement and the feeling of being connected to the skies, but because It was our first travel abroad by plane with my husband for our honeymoon.

Hong Kong, A City that never sleeps was our destination. Our departure time was 5:00 am from Cebu Mactan Airport. It would only take 20 minutes ride from our house to the airport, but I was already awake, alive and kicking as early as 3:00 am. I wasn’t too excited right?

This is the First picture we had.


Two rings to rule them all ( copied line from Lord of the Rings hahaha ).

We arrived to our destination @ around 10:00 am. With the help of Google map, we successfully located the place where we would stay. Yey!

Our first stop was Ocean Park Hong Kong. No one is ever too old to have FUN in the amusement park! This park has 2 main attraction areas, the Waterfront and the Summit. As far as I can remember, one zone is for the adventure rides while the other one is for sight seeing.

Here are some of the pictures we took.

James The Shark

The sun was so hot. I was using my umbrella even  in posing for a shot hahaha.I forgot to apply sunblock before going to the park. ♥

We used a cable car to travel from one attraction area to the other. The experience was truly spectacular for a first timer like me. The view was breathtaking when you were seeing it from above.

I was really screaming on top of my lungs when I tried this . I am not going to try this again ever!!!

Scary Ride

I forgot the name of this cute lazy panda.♥


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