Humber Bridge Country Park

With the start of our Akyn’s Easter holiday this weekends, we are tied to our mommy and daddy duties 24/7. I always love when our boy is at home because we can spend more time with him. Kids grow up so fast and their needy stage won’t last long. Many parents with grown up kids would always advise me to savor the sweet stage moment of my boy when he’s still too clingy and too expressive to let me know he misses my hugs when I am at work. Time will come when they will have their own set of peers they would spend their time with rather than being with us. So I am enjoying to be the Best friend mommy stage of Akyn.😘😘😘

While Akyn is on Holiday, we made it sure to spend a happy time together. Started the day last Sunday by attending the Holy mass.This Momma’s OOTD for the day. It was sunny but a bit chilly for me not to put on any coat.Spring is here making me more jolly to wait for the warmer season.

Then in the afternoon when we arrived home, we did a little tidy up in the house. We changed the bedsheets then put them in the washer and Mon did a quick hoover whilst I took a short nap prior to getting grocery. I like to shop in Aldi because they’re cheaper compared to the prices of other shops. We googled another ALDI shop to visit in Hull to discover more options for us and we didn’t regret it at all.😍

Then Akyn asked me to do a double pinky promise that we will go somewhere fun after restocking our fridge. He wanted to visit any local children’s park and this Momma came up with an idea as to why not visit Humber bridge and enjoy the view of the sunny weather.

Instead of going to the usual parking to head to the Children play park in Humber, Waze brought us to Humber Bridge Country Park. We never knew there was a walking trail to enjoy here in Hull. We love doing nature long walks. It is very relaxing to appreciate nature and fun as a family having to talk silly topics.(LOL)πŸ˜‚ We did this long walk before in Clumber Park and now that we knew we got it here in Hull, we have a spot then if we wanted to enjoy doing long walks again.πŸ’•

Took some photos along the way. Akyn said he is a Wizard during our trip holding his magic wand, a stick he picked up somewhere and now he calls it the chosen one.😍😘

And of course the Queen of the day. A little trivia. Can you guess my jumper and my skirt were both thrifted? Yes, bought them the previous weekends and I already envisioned how I am going to style them. Viola, The comfiest outfit to wear during long walks.

After the walk, we went under the bridge to enjoy Mr Sunshine. Mon and Akyn enjoyed practising their tricks in throwing stone in the water.Simple source of happiness can cost us no money to spend.😍

The kid in me loving the swing with Akyn.

Little wizard of Humber Bridge.😘

The Mommy and the little Mage.

Akyn calls this shot as,”GWAPO”.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

To more moments to cherish. We are heading out to enjoy another sunny weather with my Akyn before my shift starts tomorrow.Mommy duties for today pretty Mommas.

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