Hull Fair 2022

Too many things happened last week that made me pause for a week off blogging. Writing requires a serene mind to let once ideas flow freely. Without the calmness, my thoughts will just be all over the place, non coherent, jumbled non sense words. In short, a failed blog post is the product of a heart not set into the writing mode. But today, is a bit better to get my thoughts out. Let me share this long overdue post for our Hull Fair 2022. Better late than never pretty Mommas (making excuses LOL).😂

October is the start of colder seasons. As much as I wanted to extend summer but this Momma got to adapt with using again my fleece blankets matched with the coziest home pair of socks whilst typing this entry.😒

We decided not to walk in going to the fair because we find it too cold to walk at night with our six year old little boy. Loads of parking space was offered in KCOM. If I remembered it correctly, it was only around six pounds parking fee we paid that night.

One of the reasons why I always look forward for Hull Fair is the yummy street food. Chinese noodles is one of them and their vegetable spring roll. How about the doughnuts with glazed chocolate or the churros? I won’t have second thoughts of devouring each of them.

My always on the go companions for a funfilled family activity.

Akyn’s fave

Akyn’s yearly request is a family ride with the Ferris Wheel.

It was absolutely freezing when we reached the top but the night view of the fair was an incomparable beauty.

Another ride for these two. This little man wasn’t at all terrified and was willing to do it again next year.

I’m glad he was so happy with this evening. Not bothered with the coldness of the night as long as he can come and enjoy the fair. Thank you dear Lord for another joyful evening.

To wrap up this blog, I wanted to remind everyone to take time to enjoy everything you have, have a blast for each moment given to you to grab. If you want to go to the fair like this, go now instead of always saying nah “Next time.” Hug more, don’t be awkward to say I love you’s to those we truly care. Treat yourself often. Spend something you believe that can make you feel good, look good. Don’t deprive ourselves from enjoying the fruit of our labor.” I want new clothes, phone or whatever it is you need this payday! Then buy it without guilt.

Why am I saying this? Because life is too short my friends. It is very very short. This thought came to me when an old friend of mine unexpectedly passed away last week. It’s sad and at the same time it was an eye opener to me to LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I ALWAYS WANTED. Savor everyday with a heart full of joy before it’s too late to do all of these.

Blessed morning Pretty Mommas.

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