I Am A Mother

You’ve received the greatest gift of being a woman, and that is to become a mother.” I got this compliment from a nurse on duty just after a few hours I gave birth to my only son. It was a blessing which I could never have imagined the unique happiness motherhood can give me.

This day marks another year for us mothers to celebrate our special day of giving life to another beautiful soul. It’s an honor to be called a Mommy. Why? Simply because being a Mom requires a lot of self-sacrifice to the point of sometimes exhausting our own strengths just to fulfill our towering responsibilities.

More often than not, we tend to forget our own needs coz we choose to prioritize the demands of our family. We are a superwoman in our own unselfish ways. Who can afford to work the whole day, be it at home or in the work place but can still manage to show a faint curve on her lips showing the warm glow of her innate happiness? Not everyone is capable of being tough as to what Mothers can offer.

Some of the special abilities of being a Mom♥

  1. We can do multitasking without loosing the focus in each task just like cooking at the same time washing the dishes. Time is gold for working Mommas in a rush☺
  2. We can make the home feel homey.  Let’s admit it, Mothers can always give you an answer as to where each household things were kept. Life is in order with our presence.
  3. We can maintain to look smart while doing the Johnny bravo stunts. Can you afford to wear heels while carrying huge grocery bags? I bet you can’t but Mommies can do that with ease. Lol.
  4. We are a great source of emotional support when everything seems to shatter. With just one warm hug and a kiss from a Momma, you’ll feel you can conquer the world.
  5. We are resilient in any types of pain, be it physical pain due to working too much or emotional pain because of absorbing all the family worries. We can endure the agony as long as we can see our families happy.


I am proud to be part of the league of strong women with a heart. Flip your hair Mommas and join me saying,”Relax, I got this!”

Happy Mother’s Day♥



  1. Happy Mother’s Day to our Hard working Mother, Blogger, Nurse and love of my life.

    1. Thank You ♥

  2. Thank you so much for this touching message. I’m overwhelmed with joy.♥

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to our loving Ate. You’ve shown how a loving Mommy should be to our dear Akyn. Despite your busy schedule, you still allocate your time for Akyntot making sure his needs are provided. You deserve to be recognized for all the hard-work you do not just for being a Mom but for all the responsibilities in trusted in you. Love you .

    1. Thank you so much for this touching message. I am overwhelmed with joy.♥

  4. Happy Mother’s day Michella. Enjoy your special Day

    1. Thank you.♥

  5. Happy Mother’s Day Bie.

    1. Thank You.♥

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