A new month again came without us noticing the days passing because things are still not back to the normal days we had before. (Sigh) How’s your first week of July pretty mommas? Mine started with a mixture of work related activity plus the mum’s job at home. Mum’s typical day, isn’t it?

My second work training finally started. Yey! I’m more than excited to explore another field in my nursing job. Nursing in the UK doesn’t only mean hospital based which is where I am assigned now. We can also choose to work in the community, care homes, or clinics depending on how far we would like to develop our experience. Although I am only limited for a twenty hour weekly assignment for my second employer because of the limitations of my current visa I’m holding, still I am grateful for getting the post. It’s not just about the extra income, it’s more of allowing your professional career to prosper. So, nurses out there, don’t be afraid to try expanding your scope because that’s where we will start to grow! (wink)

After the training, went straight to town to return a defective toy purchased yesterday. One thing I love from the stores here is the quick way of accepting returns. No need to prepare a novel length explanation on why would we like to return it. As long as the receipt is intact they’ll definitely accept any defective goods you’ve bought. The satisfaction of the customers come first as they say.

Got these mega blocks in exchange for the bubble gun. Someone’s really excited to start playing it.

Started to experiment as well some new recipes I’ve never done before. My Maja Blanca turned out to be a delicious one as per my supportive friends. Yikes! It only needed a bit of cornstarch to improve its consistency. Apart from that, it was absolutely delish.

Here are my ingredients.

Bought a new sandwich maker so I can start making hot sandwich for my boys. I’m into learning new ways of preparing food now. Honestly, I’m not blessed with a God given talent in cooking so I got to learn every step to make the outcome perfect. Well, it’s working I think. LOL

The ingredients for our sandwich are all very affordable.

Very easy to make snack for mommas on the go.

Let’s enjoy every moment with our loved ones amidst the stressful world’s condition where we at. My source of joy.


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