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As early as nine in the morning, I received a phone call from a local number. I thought it was a genuinely important call since the area code showing didn’t seem like a telemarketing calls with sales agent offering all sorts of products I’m not really interested. When I answered the phone, an automated message recording greeted me threatening me about tax evasion case filed againts me by the Home office. I’ve heard loads of cases of people falling to this kind of trick. Please be informed that Home office will never call to inform us of any tax discrepancy issues filed against us. They will send a letter for updates if we needed to but never thru calls.

Going back to the said call, it asked me if I wanted to hear more about it to press one. Because I’m feeling goofy today to make fun with whoever will answer my call so I waited for a fraud representative to answer it.

The person on the other line sounded like coming from a callcentre based abroad. “Thank you for calling Home Office.” ” How may I help you?”

I took an exagerated deep breath and replied with a loud voice, “MEOWWWWWWW!” The man on the other line was silent so I said again, “MEOWWWWWWW, MEOWWWWWWW, MEOWWWWWWW,” and he wasn’t able to control his composed voice but burst into laughter forgetting his script to deliver the fraud line.

Next time I’ll think of a more creative way for a new hilarious scenarios for these scammers. If you waste my time on the phone then I’ll waste your precious time,too. LOL😂😂😂

My son was laughing in the other room with his Dad as they heard me and asked me if why did I sound like a dolphin downstairs over the phone. I thought I was a cat?🤣🤣

That’s my Akyn. My number one fan for my jokes.

Anyway, apart from the nonsense phone call received, my blog post for today is to share our finished kitchen renovation in our home in Cebu. I had to request to remove all our damaged kitchen cabinets because of water leakage upstairs. I’m thankful our upstairs store room roof has now been fixed to make sure no water will leak inside the house when there is heavy rain. Crossing fingers Pretty Mommas!

I also requested to open the wall and put a small bar countertop instead. The concrete worktops were changed to a black granite with laminated kitchen cabinets.

And here’s the final result! Thank you to the team of 2S Brothers House Renovation for a beautiful output. My requests were all done the way I wanted it to be. We ordered the hanging lights from

Very sleek and tidy. I love my small kitchen. Thank you Papa and Mama for looking after the progress of the project in our behalf. We love you both.😍

It makes me happy to see the fruits of our hardwork coming into reality.

Morning Pretty Mommas.


  1. Good job on your renovation project. Love how you are able to maximize the space. Will check out the hanging lights on Shopee. We love it.

    1. ❤️

  2. Loved the finished project!! Your hard work definitely paid off… and my DH also spams these fake callers by asking what pizza they want to order:)

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