Lil Bestfriend and 5D Diamond Painting

Conversation with my four year old boy before bedtime:

What’s your prayer to Papa God?

Akyn: “Na mawala na ang virus.” “Doctors to find cure and sick people to stay at home to be healthy again.”

I thought he’s going to ask for more toys or clothes but no. It made me happy knowing I must have done something right to raise him with this kind of thoughtfulness to others. Hoping he will continue to have such pure loving heart. 💕

I’m spending more time with my boy now especially during my time off. He’s like my little buddy who’s willing to walk all day just to be with me in hopping from shop to the other. Loving it pretty mommas. You know that feeling of having your little best friend who will be there at your side no matter what? I’m super beyond grateful to be his mum. Can’t stop from telling my Akyn how much I love him. Bet every mum can relate to this feeling, isn’t it?

He’s been very supportive to me especially to my new hobby during my off. Quite impressed because he didn’t disturbed me while trying to figure out how to start with my new art discover. It’s called 5D Diamond Painting. Have you heard about it? It was my workmate who introduced me to this activity. It is kind of similar to cross stitching but easier because I don’t need to use my stitching skills which I don’t have (LOL) to complete the task.

Here are my materials to start. The whole package includes all the things needed except for the white boxes. Bought those box organizers separately from Home Bargains for me to keep all the extra beads to save it in case I wanted to start a new project. We can order this 5D Diamond painting online either from Wish or Amazon. Mine was from Wish.

My bamboo laptop table I bought before is very much useful in this activity allowing me to continue my art anywhere in the house.

This is the output after two days. Seriously a mad worker! That’s how fast I am in making this beautiful art to happen. ♥

I’ve realized several benefits we can get out of 5D diamond painting.

  1. Relieves stress and anxiety as we tend to get ourselves immersed into the art while doing it forgetting all the worries we have in life. Relaxes our mind from overthinking things we can’t change right away. Isn’t that something everyone wanted to gain a worry free day?
  2. Optimizes our crafty side. I love doing DIY stuff because it allows me to discover what more can I do and how much patience can I give until the completion of a project.
  3. Develops my focus to little details. While I’m young and my eyesight is still at 20/20, I need to make use of it in being able to perform the bead work without any difficulty. Imagine an old blurring eyesight version of me doing this. Pretty sure I won’t survive doing all of this by then.

Next is to find a frame to display my work. Got it from Boyes Shop near our flat. Absolutely perfect for my 20 x 30 painting.

Tadaaan. This concludes my artwork. Four seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer my favorite all done in one frame.

Looking forward for another theme to start with my cutie supporter.

Nice morning


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