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The blazing heat of the sun was hitting towards my glass window when I woke up today around half past seven. I could overhear the cheerful voices of my neighborhood kids messing around with their friends. How nice it is to feel like a kid again! Back to reality here I am with my body wanting to curl up in bed for few more minutes but I was already hearing my tummy making a grumbling sound of getting deprived to eat. Get your sexy bum out of bed Mich!

I seriously got no organized plan today! After two days of working straight shifts, I just felt knackered and would rather regain my energy than to go somewhere else. Thankfully, Bea asked if I wanted to go watch the newly released Spiderman film. Though I initially felt lazy going out, I’ve realized I’m going to get more tired with boredom and the hotness inside my room isn’t enjoyable at all. Hello summer! My body is now getting used to the coldness of the UK and this sudden spike of temperature isn’t something I’m enjoying anymore. Their houses here are built to conserve heat, no cooling air conditioner rather, we do have heaters. So, summer season will really make you feel hot both literally and figuratively if you’re indoors. Better stay out and get some cold ice cream,ey?(wink)

How was the movie trip? It was fantastic! Appreciated the cinematography letting me travel to places I’ve never been too. It was all worth it to watch ladies. Promise!


After the movie date, I badly needed some eyebrow grooming this time. How much would it cost for an eyebrow threading here? Five British pounds or around three hundred and fifty Philippine Peso. A bit expensive as compared to how much we charge it back home but I needed it. (sigh) This is the name of the business located in Princes Quay Shopping Centre Kingston-upon-Hull. No need to worry of bringing cash because they do accept card payments. Even better!


A drop of tear was trying to squeeze out of my eyes as the lady was doing the threading touching the most sensitive part of my eyelids. Each stroke is equivalent to one curse word at the back of my head. I may have said few nasty words if I’m going to tally it. Shhh!


Few steps from the movie house, a souvenir shop had newly opened. Yay! Their store name will be made available to the public by tomorrow. It’s a surprise according to the owner. (LOL) She could have just said it but opted for us to find out by tomorrow. It’s located just right across the Costa Coffee shop in the town centre for your reference.


Hi November babies! Our Zodiac fairy is colored yellow.


Perfect wedding gift ideas. I gave you a new shopping tip again. You’re welcome.=)




This is what I was more excited about. Finding my blog’s tagline,”LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.” God thank you. My blog isn’t just a hobby for me rather, my way of encouraging to people to continue seeing the brighter side of it no matter how upsetting it might be currently.

Live the life that God gave you to the fullest, not forgetting to share the firing Love deep in your soul and spread your genuine Laughter enough to uplift someone’s day.


Apart from these, I’ve also found an affordable set of colorful pens with a weekly planner for me to write all my appointments which I usually miss because of overlooking it. Signs of aging my friends? Of course not! I’m too preoccupied I should say. I’ll keep this weekly planner on my table to serve as my reminder everyday. Sounds like a plan mommas.



Have you heard about the famous saying,”Respect those who don’t beg for help even though you feel pity seeing them.” We’ve seen a street vendor on his golden age patiently sitting on his little chair while watching people walk from different directions waiting for someone to perhaps buy his toys displayed. I have a soft spot to old working people because for me at that age they deserve to enjoy their lives with no much of worrying to do on how to get cash. I would prefer to see them doing a vacation with big smiles on their faces not a sulking soul left behind.


We both bought two little talking puppies from him and had it displayed in my room.


I hope we made him smile today. Whatever walks of life you may be, don’t forget to be kind. Be gentle be it to strangers or someone you care about. Be considerate to their feelings. Remember my blog’s tagline,”Live Love Laugh!”IMG20190702095459

Goodnight 😘


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