Make Me Busy

Mr. Sun is up for a couple of days now except for today with the weather looking a bit gloomy and cold. This is the perfect weather if we are staying at home for the whole day but not when we are going on a shift. I’ll be on duty after three hours making me lazy to go out of bed especially if we’ve just came from a three days off. You know that feeling of getting used to the routine in staying at home with no work to worry. I LOVE IT.

So what made you busy while in a home quarantine? They said if you are a mom you’ll never get bored even at home because of so much things waiting for you to do, household chores for example. What else? Ahm being a mum doing all the mum’s duty to keep your child preoccupied and the list continues as the day starts.

Here are some of the Mommy List you maybe able to relate.

First on the list is to change my beddings. One of the simple joys of an adult is to sleep with clean sheets. I’m excited to lay in bed after shift tonight. Those were from Primark at an affordable price. Used to choose bright colors for my bedsheets before but now I kind of changed my preference to have more on the calming colors like blue or aqua green and some neutral colors like gray. They do appear to be so classic to look at, don’t you think so?received_2596093030664742.jpeg

and my favorite part in sleeping is when my Akyn asks me to give him a warm cuddle so he can go to sleep. Yes, he does that a lot. “Mommy hug more because I can’t sleep without it.”


Next on the list is to cook something delectable during my time off. It’s seldom for me to to do this  because of my work schedule. As requested we bought some Tilapia in one of our to go to Asian stores. Yay. Just added some canned coconut milk to it after frying making it even tastier to eat.


Got the recipe from Very simple and easy to follow instructions.


Bought some ready to eat snacks in between from Home Bargains. Locally we call this as Chicharon while here it’s known as Scratchings. Nice to learn few new things here in my second home.


and their oven ready Pizza of course. When you got boys who love to eat more than you do, having food ready to be served should be part of our everyday needs. Amazing how affordable their pizzas here. You can already have a decent one for a pound. So that’s around Php63.00 converted to our currency.


Apart from food, had to keep Akyn busy to stay away from gadgets. He spends most of the time playing online games when I am at work. It’s not good for kids to have so much screen time to their eyes, right? We had an agreement to paint together using a canvas. Then to display our output in our house. Spent time searching for cheap painting materials for this activity. B&M never fails to answer my needs for our DIY activities.


Four pieces in a pack for 3 pounds. Not bad,ey?


Tadaan here are our output. I’m definitely going to treasure this forever. Our bonding moment during the Covid 19 locked down. Something worth remembering. I’m making every rest shift counts with them. A gift to be happy away from the stressful reality.


Life is hard and it’s gonna get harder until we come to the point of accepting what reality is showing to us now. I’d rather make each moment count and be thankful for each new day given to us to enjoy. I choose to be grateful, choose to love even more deeply, choose to be strong when it’s the only choice you have to. Someday, everything will be back to normal.


Stay safe everyone.


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