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“Last call for passengers Michelle and Jazzie for flight from Cebu to Manila.” We were already half walking, half running while looking for our gate number and when this message was announced, we run like crazy competing for a marathon with Jazzie’s shoelace left untied. I didn’t mind all those eyes watching us and their unwanted comments on why we weren’t able to ask for assistance earlier before the boarding schedule. I thought I can only see it on TV, passengers running trying to catch their flights. I never knew we got to understand the raw feelings of it through our first hand experience.

When we reached the boarding gate, we were obviously catching our breaths. The officer in charge noticed our anxiousness of almost missing our flights and told us to calm down.

“You made it Miss.” “You can now relax,” he continued.

Who can relax when you almost messed up with your entire schedule for the day just because of the possible missed flight? Thank you Lord for helping us both. We’ve learned our lessons to always be EARLY. It’s better to wait in the airport rather than getting our anxiety to build up because of the strenuous running just to make it on time.

Thankfully, our day went well after our adrenaline rush to start our whole adventure in Manila. Our mobile phones saved us in going to places we’ve never been too. How was it possible? It was because of the Grab Mobile application. All you have to do is to book it online and tadadan, it will search for the nearest available cab driver for you with the fix amount of fare. No worries of experiencing an overcharging incident from taxi fares. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, our trip started from the Airport to Makati with P300+ fare. Then, Makati to SM MOA was for P150-P200. We toured around the mall for few hours checking on some famous brands’ boutique. Not that excited, ey? Of course, we can’t leave the place without taking pictures. As they said, it didn’t happen if there was no documentation about it.

Hi Jazzie.☺
Mr. Snowman and Jazzie




After SM MOA, our next stop was to visit Baclaran Church. One of the catch of using the Grab Mobile app is for you to be certain with the place where you’re going to. When we booked for Baclaran, several places populated on our screen and we weren’t sure what to choose. I could clearly remember we chose Baclaran Church Dimasalang. Few moments of enjoying the road view, the driver brought us to somewhere residential with very narrow streets.

“Ma’am, we are here to your destination,” the driver said while cutting off our conversation with Jazzie.

Where’s the church? We are the street vendors in Baclaran? We really didn’t know where we were. Praise God! Mr. Driver was so nice and changed our route to the correct one, only adding a small fee to the original price. Our correct point of destination should have been Baclaran Church Main Drop off. Good to know. We will charge it to experience. (wink)

Finally reached the magnificent church. It’s nice to wrap-up the busy day with a prayer of thanks.




Grateful for a successful appointment, not just that, most importantly, for a safe travel. Both of us weren’t that familiar to Manila unlike Cebu where we can survive walking the narrow streets in the City even with eyes closed.(exag). Seriously, I felt both excited and worried before our travel date. I am always reliant to my husband in traveling. This experience made me realized how important it is to be independent in doing long travel.

Who knows, some future opportunities may require me to travel ALONE without anyone just my phone and me. Good luck!


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