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Memories of Sweden

It was a dream come true when my husband was hired and became part of the first few employees, who were sent to Sweden to undergo training. Free visa processing, free airfare ticket, free accommodation plus an allowance for their meal, were the perks of the said training. Who could have thought that he would be able to visit one of the most dreamed countries in the world.

His newly found friends.

They were able to experience both   winter and autumn season in Sweden.

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I wonder how their food would taste like. It looks so deliciously.


Swedish Food


Swedish Food


Swedish Food



Swedish Food


Swedish Food


Swedish Food

Amazing scenery that Mon thought  he could only see them in books.These photos were taken from Denmark .They were given time during their rest days to visit neighboring countries.



Hoping for more adventures to come.



  1. What an opportunity! These photos are just gorgeous! I would love to spend some time in Sweden.

  2. Looks absolutely lovely! I’d love to visit there.

  3. What a neat opportunity! Those pictures are amazing. Makes me want to go!

  4. That food had my mouth watering and everything looks gorgeous there!! Would love to go some day!

  5. Chelsea Padgett

    What an amazing opportunity and adventure. Looks like he made the best of it and took advantage of the culture!

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