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This month was welcomed with prolonged spell of wet weather. Ugrrh! I don’t like it when I am about to go on duty because it makes me feel so lazy to get my beautiful behind out of bed. Waking up to work early in the morning is like a love and hate relationship for me. I do love reporting on duty but I super dislike waking up early on a freezing morning. My muscles are shaking uncontrollably to maximize my body heat left from snuggling comfortably under my thick duvet. I am not a morning person. I preferably function during the night and is more than willing to get up when I am scheduled on a night shift. That’s the life of a working class.

Working away from my home country gave me more sense of being independent, left to do things on my own without the aide of anyone. Something we can be proud of in surviving amidst facing the challenge of the me,myself and I concept everyday.


What are the things I’ve learned from my eight months experience as an overseas worker?

You”ll be forced to learn things on your own to meet your daily needs. I’ve learned new ways of cooking by asking the help of the internet. Discovered recently that I can recreate my Mama’s recipe without her telling me the step-by-step procedure. Achievement unlocked!

My Spaghetti and Macaroni salad turned into a fruit salad at the same time. Don’t ask me how can a Macaroni and a Fruit salad be merged into one recipe. I just mixed everything left in my fridge and that was it. It tasted divine I promise.(wink)

If I hear anyone on their middle adulthood saying they seriously don’t know how to cook because their parents do all the stuff for them, my brain cells are already firing with lots of sarcastic questions. What era were you born? The answers to all your needs is at the tip of your finger in browsing the web. I don’t consider them LUCKY, rather I call them LAZY. My apology for being blunt but that’s the fact. Do not ever blame your parents for loving you too much making you ignorant in doing basic stuff. Been through that stage when I didn’t know how to even fry an egg, the worst nightmare of feeling incompetent. Challenged myself to acquire the skills day by day because I was determined to start my own family. Now, I made my own party food with the little knowledge gained from watching videos in Youtube. Nothing is impossible if we are willing to learn.


Another lesson I’ve learned in working alone is learning to choose who to trust. We can meet new faces, new friends, personalities hit like you’ve found the perfect gem of friendship. Be careful as not all that glitters are genuine. Some of them are rubbish clothe on a sparkling mask of make believe goodness. It is ok to make friends. However, be keen enough to distinguish who would be there for you when you most needed them. I’ve always believed on this thought,”If they can afford to hurt you drastically once, they can do it again without hesitation.”


Having more ME time for the meantime is an additional realization of mine. It’s sad because I got no family here to get excited about to meet me every after shift, I know. Instead of getting resentful of the distance we have, focused myself to the brighter side of this opportunity to have more time to spend for me. Hitting the gym during rest days not just because I wanted to regain my figure but it served as another way to become fit, an outlet to overcome the boredom with the deafening silence of my flat. Shopping for my needs which I seldom do before since I became a mum. I shop more for my Akyn during our day out together. I miss you Akyn. Excited to see you in a couple of months from now. We can do lots of self improvement while our hands aren’t that tight yet. Savor while it last.

Lastly, my faith in HIM became stronger. I may not be a perfect follower of thee, beloved God. Admittedly, struggled to follow his teachings. Still, I humbly ask for His guidance every time. His immeasurable power is my only weapon to surpass all the tests that shall come.




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