Mother’s Day In The UK

UK celebrates Mothers’ Day today, the 31st of March. It’s entirely different as to the date of the Philippines special day for mums. Happy Mother’s day to me. Yey!


As I walk towards the church earlier today, I had a lot of emotions carried with me on my way to attend the fourth Sunday of Lent. I felt happy because God gave me a chance to experience the way England celebrates this special day for us mums. More than ever grateful for this opportunity to get exposed to a different culture of warm and kindhearted people. How amazing is that?

However, a part of me felt heavy hearted. Celebrating this day away from my family for the first time is a new thing, yes. A new sad thing that I needed to get used to, I guess. Hoping it won’t be that long to be away from them. It’s one of the biggest plea I’m always praying to bring them here with me. I think every mum does.

Upon arriving to the church, I knelt facing the altar and prayed. This must be the consequence of wishing for a better life. A painful longing to them especially during special occasions. No birthday parties to attend to, no Mothers’ or Fathers’ day to greet them, no jolly family reunion during Christmas, no excitement to wait for New Year’s eve, no Valentine’s day to receive or give presents and so many more celebrations I’ll be missing. As awful as you can imagine. I’m holding my tears not to give in to the sulking side of me.

When the mass started, the priest’s interpreted the holy gospel relating it to the pure love of mothers to their kids. I then realized I may be away from them but the love I have for my child is firing with so much intensity that distance couldn’t afford to break it. My senses came to me while hearing the mass telling me so much about motherhood. It was like an answer to my prayers earlier. God heard me no doubt. My gloominess in me started to fade and was replaced by gratefulness.

I should be happy because my child is perfectly fine with his Daddy though I’m not with his side.😘

I should be happy because I got the chance to feel loved and honored as a mother by those parishioners who are strangers to me but felt like a family by emotions.

I should be happy because many mommies who are nurses are dreaming to be working here but the good Lord allowed me to make my dreams into a reality. 😘 Thank you Lord.

After the holy mass, the priest gave us a little token of appreciation for all the mothers. A beautiful rosary with colorful beads symbolizing different meanings.

And then a cake was prepared for everyone to share. I can’t explain how my heart was filled with so much joy. 💕

Our batch agreed for a lunch get together for today bringing at least one food to share. For Bea and I, we bought this yemma cake.

The rest had these.

They gave us a surprise 🎁gift. So sweet. Thank you guys. I appreciate it.

Please say hi to these wonderful folks.


Happy Mothers’ Day to all lovely mums out there.

Mich 💋

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