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My heart is in deep sorrow when I knew about the landslide in my hometown yesterday, the 20th of September 2018 . Before the incident, I received a reminder at work from one random elderly woman who said “Do me one favor.” “Please tell your family how much you love them because you will never know how much time you have left for them.” Then after a few minutes from that, the devastating landslide happened claiming several lives. It was like a bad omen of something bad is about to occur. I immediately checked the location online while at work.  I’m  thankful though my family is safe. Our house isn’t situated near the disaster area. Thank you Lord for keeping my loved ones safe!

Until today, a number of missing residents were possibly buried inside their houses covered with rocks and mud. I’m praying more survivors can be located during the rescue operations. I don’t feel like going to work today thinking about those victims and their families who were affected. Some of them were already confirmed dead while others are still hoping they can see their missing families breathing.

Life is too short! With this nightmare coming into reality made me realized to appreciate more every SINGLE minute we have with our families and to put less attention to things that aren’t really important to pour all our hearts into.

Spending more time at home during free time instead of working too much  and to stop compromising those moments when we are supposed to be with those who mean more to our lives. Our employers can find another employee in a minute  if they’ll loose us but our families will forever be emotionally wreck if something will happen to us. Express more affection to our husband, more kisses to our kids, unlimited I love you to our parents and siblings. Make the most of each moment with them today for tomorrow is going to be uncertain on what’s going to happen. =(

We usually stressed out ourselves of taking the pressure of getting a better way of living like dreaming for a big house where in fact, our current home is already comfortable enough for us to stay, wanting to have an expensive car, being overly attached for lots of branded clothes, shoes  or whatever earthly things we wanted to possess. Our focus are on these material things neglecting those who really matters. I have to remind myself about this too. These are so superficial! Life has more meaning than these. When you’re in between life and death, you won’t be thinking of your material possessions. Your  family will be your first and only concern during those helpless moments.

I’m grieving why this tragedy has to happen…Why lots of innocent lives were taken?.. Why allowing the victims to be in pain both physically and emotionally? Mother nature has taken its revenge for abusing her beauty. I hope this tragic event can help people learn more about being cautious to avoid the same unwanted accident to take place. My condolences to those families who were left behind.

Currently still in constant communication with my friends from Naga for an updated list of those affected incase I have friends or previous classmates who may be affected.=(

Please help me pray for them too.



  1. this is so sad! i’ll be keeping everyone there in my thoughts today

    1. Thank you Jasmine.♥

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