My Lair

The featured photos used in this blog were probably the last shots I took in my old accomodation. Did I miss it? Partly yeah but my happiness of finally getting myself out from Saint Matthews outweighs whatever sentimental emotions I may have with my white room. Those unpleasant encounters with my old accomodation served as a good riddance for without it I won’t be forced to find a flat to live by my own.

Yes, you’ve read it right pretty Mommas. I am now settling well staying in my place I call as my personalized hideout. Just me with nobody to mess up with my tired day every after duty. What a relief! Thank you Lord.

What are the benefits of having your own place?

You can do whatever you want. You’ll be free from those offensively curious eyes looking into your every action, no routines to follow in doing house chores because I shall be the master in planning for my own house task, am I not? Our job is already enough to gobble up our stored energies for the day and if we live with someone detestable when we go home is just too much too handle. Prioritize your peace and quite.

You can have your place personalized. When I was still at the shared house accomodation. All I own is a room and a toilet. Most of my rest days were spent inside the four corners of that little space. Purchased photo frames to give it a touch of Michelle. That’s all I could do. Boring, isn’t it? Now, I am excited to reflect my own crazy me personality to my lair styling. You are all welcome to join me with my journey in improving my dwelling place.

You can build your credit history. It’s vital to build your credits with good standing while you are young. Why? Because here in the UK to get approved for any financial dealings, most businesses will look into your credit history. I do have some backgrounds on how to play nice with your credits when I was still working in one of the biggest international banks. Thank you for the learnings. My bills now are currently under my name debited automatic from my bank. This will somehow have a positive impact to my starting financial career. Keep it going Mich!

You can budget your expenses. You can do meal planning and take note of how much will you spend for the week. Doing groceries is becoming more and more exciting because you’ll have the freedom to choose items of your preference. God I love this. You’ll also learn to be conscious with how you spend your water consumption and electricity. No heater for this season. I can still manage the coldness. (shiver) LOL

I’ll let you take a peek of my place when I first came in. No decorations just yet. Will do it on the next blog post when the raw photos would turn into a more livable abode. I’ll keep you posted, promise.

My bathroom is in the first floor and you’ll see it upon entering the main door. I can do cartwheel in here. It’s too spacious, isn’t it?



Turning left from the main door is my stairs to my bedroom, living room and kitchen.


You’re seeing my kitchen upstairs.


This is how it looked like if I’m on the second floor taking the shot to my stairs’s landing.


My kitchen where all the experimental cooking will happen.


My living room


My bare bedroom, my favorite place.


I’ve made few house improvements in my one week stay here. Will continue to make one as time goes by. Excited to create another set of memories with my new place.

Home isn’t just a place. It’s a feeling that needs nurturing every now and then.