My Personal Tarpaulin Maker

One of the perks of having a software developer husband is getting a perfect design for party needs like tarpaulin making or invitation layout. From our wedding tarpaulin up to Akyn’s special events like his Christening and birthday parties, it was Mon who designed all of them with no SWEAT. When I say no sweat, that’s literally an easy task like a piece of cake for him. What I love about his work ethics too, is his being so particular with the output. He won’t say it’s final not until the output is close to perfection. I don’t know how he defines perfect but that’s what I’ve observed with him. Most of the time he would make two designs to let me choose which one is better. See, how much he values giving the best to his clients.

His talent isn’t something known to everyone. I better then use my blog to let you all know my husband’s hidden skill. In case you needed his service, he may be available to cater your request for a small fee.☺ I can guarantee the professional charge will be within your budget you can afford.(wink)

Here are few of the samples of his finished projects for our family. He got more of these for his friends’ requests but I’m not going to post those photos without their permission to expose their faces in my blog page. For now, be the critic to our family tarpaulin made by Mon.

Wedding Tarp
Wedding Tarpaulin June 28, 2014♥
Christening tarp-small
Akyn’s Christening
Our Akyn’s First Birthday December 30, 2016

What can you say? Those were made by a genius LOL. My Love, I’m not making fun of you. I’m just a proud wife taking my idle time to brag my awesome husband.☺ Ayee!

For our Akyn’s coming third birthday, we wanted to make a souvenir item for another year of happiness with our baby boy. I’ve been searching online for cheaper ideas I can use. Some suggestions, include mugs as the most common, water container, bags, etc. There are hundreds of it and I felt overwhelmed which one to choose. All of them are so pretty.

What I wanted is something personalized and a souvenir that will last long for us to reminisce the happy three years we have together and more to come please. We also took into consideration Akyn’s favorite choices in deciding for it. We came up with having a personalized pillows because of our son’s love for pillows. For the design, we wanted to use Toy Story characters. Some of you may have already read from my previous post discussing how much Akyn adores Woody.

Look at my little Woody in costume. We were doing his pre-birthday photo shoot on this photo. I’m holding my excitement not to post the photos just yet not until his birthday. Okay, so please stay tuned with akynfullhouse my beautiful blog readers.☺


Alright, we now have decided the specific item and the design. What’s next?

This is when Mon’s talent came to the rescue to design what I had pictured out for its layout. I’ll let you peek for our pillow design. I’m going to post another blog for the actual pillows and our supplier too. The items were already delivered by the supplier as per Mon but I haven’t got the chance to check it yet.


I’ll let you know for another blog review with our cute pillows. I can’t wait to see them!☺


  1. That’s an amazing skill. Here, it’s too costly to hire for someone to create stuff like that. We really need to learn how to do things on our own to save.

    1. I’m so thankful my husband knows how to create party needs decorations. It saves us a lot of money, you’re right.☺

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