My Pre-Valentines Gift

Sundays never failed to make me happy in enjoying an uninterrupted family time. Apart from no traffic congestion, everybody is in the house because it’s their rest day. Yey! What’s your favorite day of the week? Is it Saturday, Friday or depending on your scheduled time off from work? For sure everyone wants a relax time away from the everyday pressure in the work place. You deserve it. Please remember not to hesitate in splurging yourself with what they call as your “ME TIME.”

So, how was the first Sunday for this love month spent? We aren’t certain whether we will be both spending our Valentine’s Day together for this year. As much as possible we wanted to enjoy every moment we have while new opportunities aren’t starting to disrupt our normal schedules yet.

Mon and I originally planned to visit SM Seaside together with our Akyn. It just so happened my sister, Me an and Eric were about to visit a school supply store too.

Eric and Ann

Instead of driving two separate locations, we decided to visit the same mall and had all our errands be done all at once. It was like an instant family time. As they say the more, the merrier. What a perfect day!


Before heading to the mall, we attended the mass first and as a weekly routine, Akyn would always drop by the nearest town playground. If you’ll have the time to visit the city if Naga, they had added two more slides with swings and monkey bars attached to it for kids active play.

It kind of looked like this.


Let’s pretend I am the captain of the ship


My cute photo subject.


Binoculars for the curious little eyes.


It’s like his mini headquarter.


It’s free of charge mommies with an on duty security guard to watch over the children but of course parents are still required to watch over their little active munchkins. You can also enjoy the boardwalk situated next to this playground to maximize your trip in going south.


What I am more excited about my Sunday was the fact that Mon will be buying me a present. Yay! I told him my worries of not being able to continue to blog if I’ll be working away from home without a computer with me or a laptop. Yeah, I know my phone can still allow me to write but I find it uncomfortable to use it for blogging. I can use it for taking pictures,yes, but I guess not for writing a post.

Here’s my new baby. I named it as Dellia. Got its name from its brand name Dell. Very creative in finding a name,right? I won’t fret anymore imagining the thoughts of loosing Akynfullhouse. I will blog wherever my feet will take me, whether it’s going to be a thousand miles away from home. We can still get connected. Thanks God I have a outlet to express myself through blogging while working.


We ended the day with an early dinner. Who are a fan of Korean dishes here? Count me in. We got bibimbap, kimchi and dumplings in one of the Korean Dish stall located in SM Seaside food court. Prices range for each dish from P35-P165. Budget friendly Mommas.


But if you want something cheaper than this, I discovered one in E-mall located on its ground floor near BDO. If I can remember it was only for about P110 per serving of Bibimbap.

If you have more places to suggest, please feel free to leave your comments below.

Have a nice week ahead from the Abilars.

With our Photobomber


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