My Software Developer

Common problems of overseas workers with young children is about childcare especially if both parents are working just like me and Mon. I would consider myself lucky because both my employer and Mon’s boss are quite willing to make some little adjustments with our schedules so we can have an alternating off duties to look after our Akyn. It’s not easy to live abroad with no other close relatives to help us. So, for those wanting to migrate abroad, childcare should be one of the considerations to make if both couples seek to get employed.

Our main inspiration to work hard.

Talking about work, my Mon went home last Monday with a happy news from his boss. He’s been worrying about what will happen after his probationary period now that his over six months at work. He’s even ready to find a new job just in case his boss wasn’t satisfied with his performance but, lo and behold, when he went to the office as the most awaited affirmation of officially being part of their company has arrived. Signed and regularized. An accomplishment for overseas workers like us.

Congratulations Teddy, my software developer. Well deserved.

Went to have a little dinner out celebration for another blessing bestowed upon us. I never doubted his talent when it comes to computers and all sorts of his programming skills. Yes, I’m a proud wife and I won’t get tired of being his first fan for his wit.

He’s the type of man who’s a silent worker. Very humble and would never fail to amaze me with his work ethics. The dedication to continue learning with every opportunity available is his forte. His success is unquestionable.

This dinner serves as a treat for all our hardwork which is now giving us the sweet fruits of a comfy life.

Prayer plus hardwork is our constant formula if we wanted to get something realized. Thank you to all our Akynfullhouse family for being there as we share our life journey to inspire everyone.

Lovely morning fellas,


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