Nottingham First Travel Experience

In my nine months of stay here I’ve never tried travelling alone out from Hull simply because I felt terrified in going to new places without anyone else with me. What if I’ll get lost and wouldn’t find my way home? What if something bad will happen and nobody’s there to help me? What if, what if, what if… Too many apprehensions of conquering my fear to explore the world out there.

What exactly pushed me to try the feeling of a solo traveler? Decided to face my fright because of my desire to do something memorable for my first birthday in the UK. As you’ve read in my previous post I love to make memories in everything I do. This blog is one of the proof of me capturing every bit of my experience. Amazing, isn’t it?

Booked my tickets a month before to save. Tickets are way cheaper if you’ll book it in advance via online. Fast forward, the day of my excitement slash dreadful time to move out from my flat came. Hearing the early morning serenade of the rain on the roof with the steady drumming of the wind to the windows didn’t discourage my determination to go. This is it Mich.

Wet Luggage

Although I arrived in the terminal an hour earlier before my departure, I kept myself attentive to every arriving bus to check the ticket number. Just don’t want to miss it. For first time traveler like me, we have an option to either print the ticket and show it to the driver before hopping in or we can directly show the e-ticket through our mobile phones. Either way is acceptable.

It took me three hours and a half bus travel from Hull to Nottingham. Can’t wait to see my friend, Jazz from Cebu. A seldom opportunity for us to bond once in a blue moon. Yay!

The bus halted obviously on a bus stop and that’s when my what’s next questions started. Thought I would end up on a terminal where regular mode of transportation were waiting for me but no. Got to walk few more steps to book for a tram. Say what now? TRAM? I don’t even know what this express transit is. Where will I go next? Panicked a bit, called a friend for help. Believe it or not because we were doing a video call for them to figure out as to where I was. Thanks to technology.

My card wasn’t accepted by the machine when I tried booking for a ticket making my anxiousness level raised to the 10th level. Good enough I brought enough coins with me just exactly what I needed. Lesson learned: Always bring a little cash in travelling for emergency cases like this.


This is how Nottingham’s Express Transit looked like. It runs within the open street around the city. We can see the view of their city while riding on it unlike the tubes in London where its journey is under the ground. Marvelous mode of transport, I should say.


Before going straight to my friend’s flat, she brought me first to Robin Hood’s statue in Nottingham and roamed around the city. Hitting two birds with the same stone! Please say hi to our skilled archer.


Freezing but posing for photos is life. LOL.



Bought some cute stuff to remind me of my trip here.



Ended the night with a selfie from Jazzie’s mirror to test its magic. It was truly enchanting with beautifying effects. LOL


Thank you Jazz and Ven for letting me stay overnight. Wrapping up my day with a thankful heart for the safe travel despite the little tussle encountered.

Will keep you posted for our London adventure.


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