Our UK Forever Home

Today is literally the fourth day after we moved in to our forever home in the UK. Did I just say OUR home? Yes, no more landlord this time, no more rent payment but rather mortgage payment shall I say. We still felt we’re over the moon knowing that we finally realized one of our goals and that’s to have a house we can call as ours.

I was hesitant to send my application for a mortgage at first after hearing some feedback from others telling me I had little to no chance of getting approved because of the fact that first, my total number of stay here in this country is less than three years. I came here February of 2019 so that’s technically only two years of being a UK immigrant. Second, the bank is very strict in their approvals and may require a huge amount of initial mortgage deposit. After hearing all the possibilities of getting declined, I still tried my luck to send my intentions to apply. I won’t lose any amount though if for example the bank will deny me. However, before I made up my mind to submit the request I also made it sure that Mon and I were ready. We took care of our credit scores for almost a year. How did we do it?

1. Making sure our credit card doesn’t have any balance. Like no installment plan left to be paid or whatsoever.

2. Allowed to have enough funds left in our bank account every month as the bank will review our financial capacity to pay by checking our behavior when it comes to spending.

3. We took no other types of loans be it from our salary deductions or any types of loans. Banks will also see how many liabilities we have that may affect our mortgage payment in the future.

4. And more importantly, have the evidence of the availability of our mortgage deposit. It would be best if you have more to show than the actual deposit they’re asking you in order to give them an impression that indeed you’re really one worth customer to get granted.

I’ve learned most of these from my previous work as a banker of one of the US big banks and I am forever thankful for being part of it.

So, how did we start our application. We went searching for properties in the location of our choice. I’ve been eyeing for our house since August of last year when I first saw it in the market but because we thought we aren’t prepared yet to dive in, I simply enjoyed browsing each photos everyday praying it won’t get sold not until the day when we are ready to send an offer to the seller. February of this year, we bravely requested for an appointment to view the house. It was a love at first sight especially for Mon. The area is not facing the busy street although we are very near the city centre plus the house was well maintained by the previous owner.

This house was the only house we viewed and with God’s grace we got approved to have it without having to undergo several tries of finding another property. On the 4th of March, we received a phone call from the bank congratulating us of getting approved. Fast forward after complying with all the requirements our mortgage completion date happened this month of July and on the 23rd of July, Mon’s birthday, we also had the go signal we can move in to our home. Here we are now enjoying every corner of the house of our hard earned success story.

I’ll share to you the raw photos of the house. Photo credits to Zoopla. It’s a three bedroom house with two toilets, a front and a massive back garden. What more can I ask for?

Our heart is so full of joy with the newest big blessing we got this year again. We wouldn’t make this possible without the three of us Mon, Me and Akyn working together towards each dreams we have planned and of course, with the Lord’s mighty will to make it come true.

Don’t stop believing in your dreams.😍😍😍


  1. Congrats! What a beautiful home! I have always had an incredible credit score but my husband did not. We had to get his up there the same way you did before we bought our house.

    1. Thank you. Credit scores really does tge trick. ♥️

  2. Congratulations on your new home, it is a great achievement and milestone! Hope you have a wonderful time setting up and make great memories.

    1. Thank you so much. ♥️

  3. Congrats on your new home! We’ve been lucky to always have a really good credit score.

    1. Thank you. 💋♥️

  4. Congratulations! What a big and exciting move. Definitely something to be proud of.

    1. Thank you. ♥️💋

  5. Congratulations! That is fantastic news 🙂 I hope you make many wonderful memories in your new home.

    1. Thank you so much. ♥️

  6. Congrats on your new home! So exiting!

    1. Thank you ♥️

  7. Congratulations. This is such a beautiful home!

    1. Thank you,♥️

  8. Congratulations! The house is beautiful

    1. Thank you. ❤️

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