Please Promise Me That You’ll Say YES

I was a bit puzzled when Mon gave me a tight cuddle and a couple of kisses when we were about to sleep. I was about to ask him if he had eaten something sweet that made him extra intimate with me with his actions. I was suspecting he was up to something with the manner in which he was behaving.

He finally confessed about a request for me. However, before he would let me know about it, I needed to promise him a guaranteed  YES to it. I firmly told him I wanted to know his request first before agreeing to it.

Who would even say yes to someone without knowing  what the real concern is?

After demanding him to be straightforward with his request, instead of telling me his concern, he got up from bed and faced his laptop and said, “Never mind, I’ll keep it to myself.

Argh ! I hate his persuading power. I had no choice but to agree to his plead. I told him  I would say YES to whatever request he may have which really needs a guaranteed approval from me. After I assured him with my precious YES, he immediately took my phone then went to Google browser and I saw him typing something.

He looked like a kid eagerly typing while grinning from ear to ear. He appeared extremely happy and said,” Please allow me to purchase this.” He showed me a picture of a headphone and described to me all the amazing features of it which I was not interested to know at all. I wanted to know first the PRICE. Yes, I am worried about the price as it may affect our budget.

When I asked him on how much would it cost, he stuttered while disclosing the exact amount of the item. My jaw dropped upon knowing the amount and told him to forget  about our entire discussion. He was determined to convince me and persistently reminded me that I gave him my word of honor and I shall allow him to purchase it. Goodness gracious, I was dealing with a 6 year old husband!

After a long discussion of negotiating about our agreement, we finally arrived to a deal. The headphone served as my gift for him for Valentine’s day, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday and Christmas. He asked me if I wanted to include Halloween to make it complete. Why not? If I could only include all the dates in the calendar I would gladly do it.

To be fair with Mon, he seldom asks me to buy things for himself. This will serve as his reward for being a hardworking husband to me and a responsible daddy to Akyn.

I need to get my budget revised again.

Mon’s pose with his new toy.

Eyy you look so happy with your headphone!

Akyn’s version with daddy’s new toy.


Who do you think did look better with the headphone, AKYN or AHMON? It’s for you to decide.☺


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