Primrose Valley Holiday Park Part 3

The third part of our summer holiday is finally out today. LOL😂

Busy Momma here trying to accomplish my to do task written in my daily journal. Akynfullhouse will never be out of the picture for this blogger Momma. So, what’s the content we got for part three? I have organized my posts to separate our food trip and those paid activities we booked for our Akyn. In that way, my readers can use this as a referrence in the future if ya’ll wanted to visit Primrose Valley Holiday Park in Filey, Yorkshire. It’s a lovely place to spend a holiday with the family, I promise.

Let’s begin! Warning its a long blog post. Read at your own risk. LOL😁

That’s my Monoy allowing me to take a photo for my blog intro. I’m always thankful with my forever blog photo subject/ number one fan for my love for writing. Ayee!😍

There are restaurants within the park and our favorite one is the Mash and Barrel. Apart from it’s situated near our accomodation, the food was absolutely delish. We were so satisfied on our first try and I literally said,”We will be coming back here during the entire visit!” The staffs were all nice as well. Customer service is always a big factor for me to consider in liking a business whether it’s a small or big business. For me, no matter how yummy the food is if I am treated rude, I will never ever set my foot back again.

Mon’s first order was the vegan Malaysian style noodles. It was so delicious that I had to order it the next day when we had lunch again.

Mine was what they called as Meat Feast. I did finish everything in my plate savoring all of my yummy treats. It includes the BBQ baby back ribs(my fave), pork and beef meatballs in tomato sauce, buttermilk fried chicken breast and potato pops.

Akyn never changed his order from start until our last visit. Fish finger, chips and corn.

On our second visit Mon tried their vegan Moving Mountains burger. It’s tasty but guilt free because it has no meat at all as it’s made of plant-based vegan patty. I had to try their Malaysian style noodles on this day and never regretted my choice.

For our third visit Mon tried this vegan Quorn Katsu which is a vegan fillet with rice and curry. Sorry for the messy presentation as we forgot to take a photo of it and ate right away to satisfy our hungry tummy.

On their Sunday menu I was so looking forward to try their English Sunday Roast. You know that feeling when you’re enjoying the food much and a complete silence had taken over our table? That exactly happened during this dinner. I’m quite hungry looking in my food porn shots now.

Apart from the restaurant available within the premises of the resort, fast food was also a step away from where we were staying. I’m glad Papa Johns has the vegan option of their Papadias. Mon ordered Vegan Philly Mushroom while Akyn and I tried the BBQ Chicken & Bacon. It was divine.

Slim Chickens is also one of my favorite restaurant now. I completely devoured this eight pieces of chicken wings glazed in Korean BBQ sauce with my chosen cheese dipping. Sinful but who can say no to this?

Lakeview restaurant is mouth-watering,too. However, it was quite pricey costing two pounds for one scoop of ice cream!

I booked at least four paid activities for Akyn and us. We did the slime making, segway for Akyn, pool swimming(free), and the paddlers. The rest of our activities were all from the free activities offered by Primrose Valley.

He was quite annoyed at first with his slime getting so messy on his hand. He later appreciated it when the host added more ingredients to make it less sticky. The activity was short but so much fun for the kids. He’s not new to this as Mon and Akyn normally make their DIY slime back home.

I wanted Akyn to try to maneuver riding a Segway for the first time. There were two of them who booked the first session together so the host had a game plan for both kids. Quite impressed with my little man with how fast he did learn how to get comfy with it. He even won the game against the other kid during the session. Well done Akyntoot.🧑👏

Had these two try their Go Kart. Can’t deny in my shots how much they both loved it with their smiles

There’s a little fair area with kid friendly rides available. Our ten pounds already gave us four rides to enjoy. That’s Mon with Akyn beside him (not visible in the photo)😂 enjoying the caterpillar roller coaster.

They call this activity as the Paddlers and we are the paddlers of Filey in this photo. Everytime I tried to do the driving with this little paddle boat, we always hit the leaves on the side of the lake. Hello to my perfect driving skills.😂

My Akyn asked,” Are you trying to make friends with the leaves Mama?”

And of course, I won’t leave a travel trip without getting my new fridge magnets added to my collection. I usually by two for me to bring it back to our house in the Philippines as I got a growing collection of magnets there as well. I’m happy to find my not so common name (duh!) in one of the cup coaster sold in their souvenir mini store. I finally got something where I can put my mug to while blogging in our office room.

I’m overwhelmed with too much happiness for us having the chance to enjoy the fruits of our hardwork. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to travel whilst young, for we got the energy to tire ourselves out in the middle of getting lost in appreciating the beauty of what we call LIFE.😍😍😍

Lovely day ahead Pretty Mommas.


  1. I’ve never had Papadias before. Those look interesting! And that burger with the big fries looks delicious too. It is nice to get away on vacation and enjoy good food.

    1. ☺️☺️☺️

  2. This holiday park looks fantastic. Perfect for a mini getaway with the family. The food looks amazing.

    1. Thank you☺️

  3. This looks like it has plenty of things to keep kids happy! My son loves go-karts!

  4. It’s great that you all are enjoying your vacations. On another note those Malaysian-style noodles look delicious.

  5. Ohh, I’d love for my kids to try a Segway!

  6. Wow this look so much fun! Food looks delicious!

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