Staying in the UK for about seven months taught me a lot of lessons especially when it comes to being sensitive in speaking. That’s one of the reasons why this country is considered to be one of the best places to practice nursing because most of the patients are kind and sweet to their care providers with the way they communicate with us.

Saying please, thank you and sorry is becoming part of my system and hearing someone without these magic words would easily irritate my ears. I’ll share to you a story about my recent not so pleasant encounter regarding sensitivity in talking.

Tonight I attended a small gathering in one of my closest friend here. Played poker to start the night with fun. Everything seemed fine. Then to cut the story short, meal time came. They’ve invited a new batch of hardworking nurses who recently came here. Yay! More nurses to serve the hospital. Such a splendid news for everyone. While preparing the food, I asked a close friend to sit beside me. I usually do that sitting next to someone I’m comfortable to be with. To my surprise, a rude intruder without hesitation said, “LET THE NEW COMERS SIT FIRST BEFORE YOU!”

Wow! He wasn’t even the host of the party to begin with to be sounding so bossy. He may have his point asking us to make way for the new ones but the way he said it was totally rubbish. Are we not considered as part of the guests for the night? Offended was an understatement. I was fuming seriously insulted. Without leaving a word, I left the gathering. It’s not my thing to continue spending the whole night with the wrong crowd. I seldom go to parties not unless I love those who will be attending. 😉

What’s the lesson for that event?

First, if you want to say something that may offend someone, at least consider saying it in a sweet professional way in delivering your wants. Don’t act like you are the highest officer in charge. Believe me, you’ll get a better response in using a request form of statement rather than using a rude command!

Second, it won’t hurt us in beginning our statement with the word Please, I suppose. Why not try to experiment it in every sentence you say. You’ll be amazed as it will become part of your habit without noticing it day by day.

Third, always and always be mindful with your words because the moment those words will come out from your mouth, there is no point of turning back anymore.

I don’t usually get mad but if I am, that would mean you’ve crossed the line from being tolerable to becoming a completely apalling soul.

Goodnight 😍


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