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The clock was ticking while I was patiently waiting in queue for my name to be called yesterday. Half an hour had past still I was on the same spot with my headset on trying to divert my attention to the music rather than giving in to my building irritation of waiting. After fifteen minutes more, a staff had seen me and thankfully he managed to cater my needs for the day. Though I was almost at the end of my rope, the attendant pacified my raging hormone by saying the word,”SORRY!”

How often do we say this? Maybe once in a blue moon or sometimes never. Is it that hard to lower down our pride when we honestly know we are at fault with someone. We tend to reason out our behavior proving the world we are right neglecting the feelings of those we unintentionally hurt. Sad but true!

Sorry, Thank you, Please.” I do hope all of us will not forget the value of these short phrases of politeness. Remember that humility goes a long way.(wink)

Let’s have a happier meat of blog post for today. I got three days off. Yey! A UK RN is only required to have a 37.5 hours of hospital shift for a week. Once you have completed it based on the schedule given to you, then you’re free to spend the rest of the days as your happy day off. One of the best countries to practice nursing, isn’t it?

What I love about being in my room is to have the freedom to dress up and do any hairstyle I wanted. Look how a messy hair would like. Tadaaannn!


No strict itinerary for today. Made even more exciting not to follow any to-do-list,ey? I wanted to visit some shops for my girly needs. Guess what is it? It’s make up. I’ve been looking for a lipstick that will stay for hours without me needing to reapply it every now and then throughout the day. If you’re working as a nurse, you won’t have enough time to fix yourself during the shift because of the workload. Bless me Heavens!

Found these two Maybelline products. Superstay Matte Ink Liquid lipstick 80 Ruler and the Dream Satin Liquid Foundation 30 Sand Shade with SPF13. These were on sale for twelve pounds for the both of them. It was seven pounds lesser than its original price from Superdrug. Good catch beautiful mommas, right?


I’m always a fan of Maybelline. I love the chic matte finish of Superstay Ink Lipstick with a guaranteed no fading and caking results after application. The liquid foundation feels not heavy hiding the skin imperfections all day.


Another great find that can make a woman’s heartbeat stop are these accessories. Together with my shopping buddies, we visited this shop Warren James


They offered Sterling silver which can last without fading. That’s according to the sales attendant. Plain silver is cheaper but will eventually fade after several months. If your’e looking to buy some gifts for your lovely ladies, try popping in to this shop.





Simple yet elegant.


I had fun. My day started with a little bit of irritation, however, I am proud to control it and focused instead on the brighter side of what exactly happened yesterday.

I’m going to be hitting the gym for now pretty mommas. Will keep you posted for more mommy beauty discoveries. Love yah


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