Newest Obsession, My Happy Bubble

A calm Wednesday morning for me to start writing for my blog again. Hello pretty Mommas. Hope everyone is slaying their day like how a gorgeous momma should do. 😘 We were playing a card game this morning during breakfast by giving each other a card of prayer suited to whoever will get it. I gave Mon the card of work prayer as he is going to work from home today. For Akyn, he got the prayer of Wisdom before going to school and for me, Mon gave me the prayer for Forgiveness. I asked him, "To forgive who?" Then... Read More

Say It

The clock was ticking while I was patiently waiting in queue for my name to be called yesterday. Half an hour had past still I was on the same spot with my headset on trying to divert my attention to the music rather than giving in to my building irritation of waiting. After fifteen minutes more, a staff had seen me and thankfully he managed to cater my needs for the day. Though I was almost at the end of my rope, the attendant pacified my raging hormone by saying the word,"SORRY!" How often do we say this? Maybe once... Read More

That One True Love

Just after celebrating our own 4th wedding anniversary, here we are attending another joyous celebration of a beautiful union of our friend. Weddings always give me a happy feeling of seeing how couples share their love and vow for a lifetime commitment. I can clearly remember our Priest during our wedding, Father Amores, once said: “When the time comes you both feel you are ready to give up with your marriage, always try to remember this day, your Wedding Day.” ”Reminisce the overwhelming happiness of your love and remember the promise you made today.” He’s right. It was indeed one... Read More

Being Wise When It Comes To Friendship

With the dramatic rise of social media nowadays, making friends and mingling with others is made much more easier. Like Facebook, for example, it allows you to add more people all across the globe with just one click of your mouse or one tap of your fingers on your mobile screen. Once a friend request is confirmed, Facebook will automatically label you as FRIENDS. But my question is, how deep is that so called friendship you have online? I am quite astonished as some of my friends can reach up to how many thousands of friends online. I have nothing... Read More

A Beautiful Change (Mountain View Nature’s Park)

As they say that change is inevitable and it's the only permanent thing that will happen in this world. Some changes may give us excitement however a few aren't that welcome to push through. But one thing for sure, changes will definitely bring us to a new situation which will help us grow and shall give us another chapter in our lives to learn more lessons. By the end of July, a major change will take place at work for our new schedules as well as for our respective assignments. This would mean we will have a new manager to report to and reshuffling... Read More