School Prep

Woke up today and determined to post another blog when my four year old boy took over my blogging space and said, “I want to play some music with Spotify Mommie.” Like seriously these kids nowadays are totally different from our generation. I didn’t even know what WiFi was for until I was already in college. Told my boy he can play any song if he can manage to turn it on.

That’s Akyn taking over my spot.

Lo and behold, he did perfectly open Spotify and filled our flat with his disco mood. Hands down to my techie little man just like his dad who’s more inclined to computers. Someone’s following his dad’s craft.

Now, I finally got the space back to write another story for Akynfullhouse. What’s the meat for today?It’s almost September and I am excited. No not just excited but also full of apprehensions on how’s my child going to cope with the new school environment here. Yes, he’s going to start his Reception stage by next month. How nice to hear that news! However, it also equates to loads of adjustments for him.

Finding a school for him here isn’t as easy like in the Philippines where we can choose right away which institution we would like to enroll our kids to. In the UK, a letter or a phone call needs to be done to our local city council for them to coordinate with the schools available for Akyn. We will be asked to choose our top three school choices and whichever got the availability shall be the assigned school for Akyn.

After all the processing has been done, we ended up with a catholic school by choice. Yay! Our first on the list to do now is to buy his uniform.Our local school uniform provider for most school in Hull.

Can’t wait to see how those uniforms would fit to my baby boy. Before heading home had a quick lunch in Nando’s. I so love the chicken wrap and the rice. Makes me salivate with even the thought of it. Although the situation in eating in restaurants isn’t like before but I am still thankful that we got the luxury of being able to dine in as not in every country has this freedom already to be out with our family due to the pandemic. Every day is a blessing, isn’t it?

After the quick lunch it’s now time to see my Akyn wearing them. Excitement to the highest level mommas.

Him on his plain yellow collared shirt

With jumper on top of the yellow shirt

Cardigan on top of the yellow shirt.
Sweater to be worn during winter when going in and out of the school but needs to be removed inside the classroom/

It was so perfect on him. Love it on how it fit him so nicely. We shopped the rest of his school needs from ASDA. It’s not that obvious that I’m excited, is it? LOL.

Little by little I’m also completing his school supplies which includes the basic stuff. I don’t know yet if there are any specific items required but anyway, I prepared a little of everything.

Mon and I will always be here to support Akyn’s development. Both excited to watch him grow while enjoying the blessings from up ABOVE.

Thank you Lord for everything.

A grateful heart will always feel the contentment of everything he has.


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