Season Change

It was a bank holiday yesterday which means a day off for the three of us. An alternating sunny and cloudy day that made me push through with my promise to Akyn to bring him to a nearby park. Mon’s doing his long run practice,too. A win-win activity for everyone. I love to go out during spring time with all the flowers blooming nicely. Everywhere seemed to be IG worthy for a shot, don’t you agree? I’m also excited for a lighter and more colorful clothes to be on trend whilst thick coats back hidden in my wardrobe.

Here’s this Momma OOTD for this post. Bought the pastel green dress in Next, Castleford. Thanks to my on the go shopping companion, Michio, bringing me again to my happy place. Seldom that we can hang out together due to our busy schedule but if we do have the time, we normally go and find some gems together from thrift shopping to the outlet stores.🤣

Dress: Next Footwear:Nike Bag: FatFace

Before going to the park, I spent some time chatting with my close friends back home. It makes my heart swell with gladness knowing distance didn’t really make any difference with our friendship. I posted few photos sent to me with my lovely Kris and talked about how fun our childhood was. It neither included extravagant toys nor luxurious adventures, but the fun in every moment was a solid a hundred percent so worth it to cherish forever. I am thankful to find few friends who never changed and remained in my life all through these years. We may not be seeing or communicating everyday but when the moment comes for us to get together, I am certain that it will always be a blast of laughter.❤️ Thank you pretty Mommas for listening to my dramatic side of me. ( LOL) That’s one of my perks in blogging to express all my dramas through writing.😂🤣

Anyway back to my spring post, the park was quite packed with all the kids wanting to enjoy their one day time off from school. Our DIY photo shoot with my Akyntoot.

I’m amazed with how natural he can pose to find his nice photo while me would need at least an x number of times to get the shot I would love to keep.

Because it is a change in season, it is also the time for me to add some spring vibe in the house. I decided to get a new couch cover so everytime I wanted to change the color of it, I don’t need to buy a new set of sofa. Just change the cover if you’re tired of the same look in your living room. It does make a huge difference. Got mine from EBAY and was delivered fast. Happy shopper here.

Tadaaannn. The new look for now. I still wanted to find a calmer shade to match with my house color motif. I am super pleased with the outcome.

They said spring is the new beginning of life to come out beautifully. I can’t wait for warmer season, the happy period of the year with Mr. Sunshine shinning brightly to greet me every morning.

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