While finishing my cup of coffee to boost my writing skills (as if I really got the skills!) (lol), here I am starting to write to express the chatty side of me. I only got a day off in between duty days but I wouldn’t complain about it. Why? At least I’m given a day to gain back my energy before coming to work again tomorrow. I can do things that I love like completing my household chores, finishing my hobby, and spending time with my boys in my one rest day. It’s like I can balance my work life activity as well as my personal life in a 24 hour span ONLY allocated for those activities. Isn’t that something to be grateful for pretty Mommas?

Why am I emphasizing the importance of loving ourselves by choosing to do what we want more than ever? We’re not robots that can work nonstop without getting emotionally drained. We are humans and as humans we definitely need not just a break but a moment of tranquility without having to worry on anything. Ourselves should be the first person to say,” No, I will prioritize the beautiful me this time!” Have you ever done that? Try it and you’ll see how fulfilling it is to put our foot down for the sake of our own happiness.

How do you normally express your love for yourself? Perhaps there are million ways to do it but sometimes we just don’t care because we are too concerned of what others may think about us. At this point of my life, I’m at the stage where I ignore not just those unpleasant remarks but also people. It’s not worth it at all. They will always have something to say whatever you do. So might as well do what you really wanted.😊

Here are my self-love treats I usually do.

1️⃣Obviously shopping will be the first on my list. Isn’t it exciting to buy ourselves something new after too much hard work we put into our jobs? Don’t feel guilty of lavishly giving in to your material wants. It’s our earning, it’s our prerogative on how we spend it. We deserve it!

This is me pretending to be a bag endorser. (LOL)

2️⃣ I chose to emotionally protect myself by cutting off ties from toxic people. What do I mean by that statement? Simple, I’m picky with my crowd. If we are surrounded by those who would often drag us down or disrespect us instead of supporting us to grow then we might need to get out of that relationship. Never allow anyone to DISRESPECT you because the moment you do, it will consume every bit of you into a total miserable perception of yourself. I want to be with the company of people who celebrate each other’s success, who genuinely cares for you when you needed them, who respects your boundaries when you say NO. I want to emotionally grow and not to be ridiculed every time.

3️⃣Getting more cuddle time with my boys when on rest days. It activates my happy hormones whenever we do this. My little one is already requesting more day off from me from my work recently so I could spend more time with him. More rest days, more cuddles! I love it

My source of cuddles

4️⃣Keeping fit and Beauty Treats– I had a skin breakout last year when we started using a faceshield at work. It might be an allergic reaction to the foam attached touching my forehead whenever I wore the shield. It took me months to get rid of them. I never ever had a major pimple breakout in my entire life. I felt so down looking my face in the mirror. “This is not me!”😥 The saddest part was I’ve known some people laughing at my current state. Can you imagine how awful was that? I then started seeking medical help to get back my flawless skin. Yes, I am happy and proud of my skin that was why I got so determined to get it back. After months and months of religiously following my Doctor’s advice, slowly I got healed. From then on I promised to myself never to neglect my health.

This is me pimple free Momma.

5️⃣ Day off means REST days.I used to work non stop like seven days a week with no rest days at all. It was insanely tiring. Did it because of my determination to save up to get my family with me to stay where I work in the UK. As independent as I am, all I wanted was to prove to myself that I can financially stand on my own without asking help from my family. And yes, I did make it. Now that my boys are here, I still do overtime but I made it sure I got a rest day to spend with them. It’s too draining to spend our entire life chasing money only. Our family love should still be our number one priority. So when I say rest days it will really mean REST ON A DAY.

Somebody lost a pound and found a penny on this photo.

Self-love can mean different to each individual. Whatever your definition is, they are all of great significance to maintain the healthy you. Let’s always be kind, gentle and most of all be compassionate to the hardworking US.


  1. Some of my self loves are taking a hot shower, watching Netflix, or reading a book

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Self-love is so important and I agree with you it may mean something different to every one of us. I love these tips that you shared in this blog post.

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Nice tips and I agree, that self-love is important and every one of us deserves to have time and take care of ourselves for us to take care of others like our loved ones.

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Self-Love is very important in every aspect of life. Thank you for sharing these inspiring tips.

    1. 💋💋💋

  5. Self love and taking care of you is so important

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. With all the things that are happening right now, it’s time that we prioritize ourselves and make sure that we are practicing self care. Love yourself first, always.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. ❤️

  7. I love this post! Self-love and self-care are so important. One thing I’ve really been meaning to do is taking a weekend off, going to a hotel, and just vegging out with all my favorite foods.

    1. Those are lovely self treats. 💋

  8. Self love is so important and something we need to do more of!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Cuddles from my babies always makes me feel better.

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Self love is so important. Usually, I tend to my plants to relax.

    1. Awww such a great relaxing activity. ❤️

  11. For me being picky with my crowd was a huge step, but because I waited so long and tolerated toxic and disrespectful people for so long I had so much healing to do. I don’t recommend waiting as long as I did!

    1. I’m glad you finally have the freedom from toxicity. ❤️❤️❤️

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