I Choose To Carry My Cross

Almost two weeks had past before I finally got the courage to write this piece of story regarding the cross I am carrying. It may not be as detailed as some of the information may needed to be withheld for some legal reasons. Can we start this post by asking on how am I? I don't know too how to answer this question. Coping I should say. I am not okay pretty Mommas. I am running out of steam seeking for justice. Yes, I am firing in anger to get what is mine. What exactly happened? To make the story... Read More

The Terrible Two

Have you heard about a parenting phenomenon they coined as the Terrible Two stage? I’ve read about some articles about it and found out that it was an old myth which wasn’t supported with any established evidence. Every child is unique and they exhibit different developmental milestones based on their unique timetable. Extreme tantrums as associated with the age 2 can also be displayed in different age group. With my child, I’ve noticed a new development with Akyn recently. My fully mobile 22 months old toddler is now exhibiting tantrums when his curiosity to everything is being restricted. He wants... Read More

It’s A Girl Thing ( Monthly Mood Swings )

In the past few days, I experienced a roller coaster of emotions from experiencing crying spells to angry outburst and I felt like I was a walking bomb that I could explode my rage anytime. I was overly sensitive and even the simplest matter that happened last week irritated me. I couldn’t explain as to why I was feeling such anger-disabling emotions. I would say it was disabling and unhealthy sentiment, for it did not only affected me emotionally but physically too. I had a terrible headache and I could feel my pounding heartbeat while I was at the peak of my exasperation. It... Read More