It’s A Girl Thing ( Monthly Mood Swings )

In the past few days, I experienced a roller coaster of emotions from experiencing crying spells to angry outburst and I felt like I was a walking bomb that I could explode my rage anytime. I was overly sensitive and even the simplest matter that happened last week irritated me. I couldn’t explain as to why I was feeling such anger-disabling emotions. I would say it was disabling and unhealthy sentiment, for it did not only affected me emotionally but physically too. I had a terrible headache and I could feel my pounding heartbeat while I was at the peak of my exasperation.

It was just last Sunday when I finally knew the real reason for my outburst. I can now definitely say, I would like to blame it to my “HORMONES”, due to my monthly menstrual cycle. Ladies can relate to the fluctuation of emotions we experience monthly.

After realizing such terrible mood swings, I’ve learned some healthy habits to minimize it if I can’t totally eradicate it.

  1. Exercise– It is believed that exercise can help someone feel better as it is thought to aid in the release of Endorphins (feel-good brain chemicals). Aside from the chemical releasing factor, exercise can heighten up energy and can alleviate muscle cramps too. This is something that I really need to work on with my commitment to stay active. I always procrastinate with my schedules to get fit.
  2. Rest – If you feel tired due to the environmental stress plus the discomfort brought by PMS (Premenstrual syndrome), you can take a break for a moment and give yourself sometime to relax. Have enough sleep and rest period rather than depriving yourself with the required number of hours to stay active and alert.
  3. Divert your attention– If you think you are about to explode and can’t hold your negative emotions any longer, try to divert your attention to something which can lighten up your mood. Whenever I am feeling that I am about to get engage to a heated argument, I try to stop for a moment and focus on to my toddler as my happy pill, before I continue doing on what I am supposed to do. It is just so amazing how my son can lift up my spirit and change my mood.
  4. Get Closer to Nature– We have a town plaza in my hometown with a very beautiful boulevard where you can see the sunrise and the sunset. It feels so relaxing breathing fresh air and watching the astonishing scenery while trying to calm down my emotions. It helps me to clear my mind and to forget the feeling of annoyance.
  5. Most importantly is I Pray– I do this often especially during those times when I can no longer figure out on how I can contain my emotions. I talk to HIM in silence to give me comfort from my emotional pain and ask for strength to control my irritation for me not to hurt others.

Few of my own techniques to battle unreasonable mood swings which uniquely works for me. If you have any tips that you can share, it would be so much appreciated.

Keeping good vibes everyone.



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