Parenting Experience With My Baby Boy

We had a discussion with my friends about the difference of being a parent to a baby girl versus having a baby boy. In my case, as a first time mom to my son, I can only share to them how sweet is the mother and son relationship and my journey of parenting a baby boy . I’m also a bit curious on how it would feel to have a little me. For sure having a baby girl will also be a wonderful experience. They are both beautiful gifts to us moms. Having a son who is so sweet makes... Read More

His Timetable, Not Mine

I must admit it to myself, that sometimes I get to compare my son's development with my friends' kids. I tend to get upset and worried if Akyn couldn't deliver the skills that other kids can. I reviewed my lessons in Pediatric Nursing about a child's milestones and development, that was when I came back to my senses. My son is perfectly normal. He has his own  learning pace designed uniquely different from others. I don't need to compare him with the other kids. My role as his mother is to support his learning process. I have learned to embrace... Read More